Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Super Bowl 46

1 February 2012

It’s the Super Bowl this Sunday Night, February 5th! Kickoff is at 1730L CST!!!! I can’t wait for it and even though it’s just my wife and I enjoying the game this year, we are deep in the throes of preparation for this game!  Today we will gather the shopping list for our menu items, tomorrow we will go shopping. I’ll publish my menu and recipes on Friday’s edition.

This year’s contest is between the AFC Champion New England Patriots and The NFC Champion New York Giants. The game should be a good one. The Giants beat them during week 6 of the regular season 24-20. Both defenses kept each other in check and I believe the same thing will happen during this game as well.

I have to say that I will root for the New York football Giants. I have a lot of respect for Giants Coach Tom Coughlin. He is a tough no-nonsense old school type of coach that isn’t concerned about popularity contests and in his way, he reminds me a lot of what I know about coaching great Vince Lombardi. He knows the game, is a master of it and knows very well how to get the best out of each player on his team. I also have developed a lot more respect for Giants QB Eli Manning. Beating brother Peyton to a second Super Bowl shot and possibly getting a second ring is a great story for him. I have no doubt that he has spent his entire life, if not his entire career in the shadows of big brother Peyton. But this season, he has stepped out of the shadows, played his game and has earned the right to be considered a premier, if not elite, NFL quarterback. I like the Giants rookie receiver Victor Cruz. He's got motzy. He is an awesome weapon and his speed and pass catching ability really opens the field up for the Giants. The Giants have fought their way to this game and deserve to be there, fighting off worthy tough competitors in their own division and conference.

As for the Patriots, Well for those of you that know me at all know that I am a die-hard Miami Dolphin fan. Have been since 1969. For that reason alone it is hard for me to root for the Patriots as they are divisional rivals to my beloved Fins. I have respect for Patriot’s Coach Bill Belichick. Like Coach Coughlin, he is a master of the game, an architect, another old school type coach and he has been caught cheating. But that’s another story. The Patriots are perfectionists when it comes to the game and that annoys me.  QB Tom Brady is a surgeon when it comes to picking apart a defense. He knows the game very well, is the very meaning of “cool” when it comes to playing under pressure. He has several prime targets as receivers, the best Tight End tandem in the history of the game and a good young running attack. WR Wes Welker, a former Dolphin, from the slot position can easily dominate the game, especially when paired against typically slower linebackers. Tight End Rob Gronkowski is a monster. A former basketball player turned pro Tight End. Their second Tight End Aaron Hernandez is also a highly effective receiving target.  The patriots always seem to find a way to win. I think the AFC was a weaker conference this year and the AFC East was probably one of the weaker ones. I’m not saying that the Patriots don’t deserve to be at the Super Bowl, I’m just thinking there were other teams that deserved it more.

My predict? Like I said earlier, pretty the same as it was in week 9. I think the Patriots will try to work the Giants linebackers for most of the game using the Tight ends and Welker, hitting the odd long strike and will utilize every trick they can to stay on the field. I think the edge goes with the Giants and their run game. I think Manning will use his receivers Cruz and Hicks as those opportunities open up but the defense will rule the day for the Giants and they will keep New England in check. I see this game going 27 – 24 Giants!
Have a Blessed Day!

Todays “Did Ya Know”: February is “American Heart Month” and “AMD/Low Vision Awareness” Month. Both topics very near and dear to me. It is also Women’s Heart Week (Feb 1 – 7) this week. A good time to get yourself and your heart health checked out this week if you are a man or a woman. Believe it or not but heart disease effects just as many women as it does men!!!! But TODAY is a very special day! It is National Working Naked Day!!!! Time to ditch those stuffy clothes and bare it all to the bosses and coworkers!!!! You CAN get it done and you can get it done butt necked!!!!! You can Google these events and find other links and info.

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