Sunday, January 29, 2017

New Releases for Comics on Wednesday 1 February 2017...

 On Facebook, I am part of a comic book collectors group, The Comics Group, where we discuss comics, comic book collecting, and all things related to comics, superheroes and other such fun stuff. Anyway, every Sunday, the Previews website issues a list of upcoming new releases from most publishing houses. I like to post the new releases I think are special in one way or another or of interest to the people in our group. I will endeavor to publish here as well!


The Comics Group “HAWT” pick(s) of the week: And I do have two this week! First up, BOOM! STUDIOS and DC have combined their creative talents to bring us “PLANET OF THE APES GREEN LANTERN” a major crossover event wherein a ring is discovered on the planet by Cornelius and the Green Lantern Corps, led by Hal Jordan, must retrieve the ring and help save the day before Sinestro gets his hands on that ring!!! Our second pick is always a crowd favorite and it comes from the folks at DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT!  From the mind of award winning writer and artist Francesco Francavilla, comes “THE SPIRIT” to solve a series of apparently unrelated deaths and disappearances in Central City. It’s Chapter 1 of “THE CORPSE-MAKERS” and it could be a MUST READ, or at least a “Maybe ya oughta”. Anyway it’s the work of a great comic writer and artist so it is surely worth a look!

AFTERSHOCK COMICS: Brings forth a new series, “BLOOD BLISTER” about an evil man whose evil deeds begin to manifest themselves on his body. He sets out on a journey to combat the evil spirit that possesses him to commit such foul deeds! But what does he do when it’s his own soul????

DARK HORSE: If you’re into vampire tales dark Horse brings us another story in the “Baltimore” series where the evil Red King is taking over the world and it’s up to Lord Baltimore to gather what’s left of his split team to go forth and battle the forces of evil yet again!!! “Baltimore: The Red King” kicks off this week.

DC:  Not much “new” coming out of House DC this week. “AQUAMAN”, “BATMAN” and “GREEN LANTERNS” kick off new story lines this week. “NIGHTWING” and “SUPERMAN” wrap up their ongoing storylines.

IMAGE: If you read the 2012 miniseries “PLANETOID”, you might be wanting to peruse through the sequel “PLANETOID PRAXIS” where an unexpected visitor threatens the calm and peaceful way of life on the mechanized planetoid!!!

MARVEL: “BULLSEYE” kicks off with a look at what the so-called “Worlds Best” assassin does for fun when he finds himself in South America. “KARNAK” wraps up its series run with the finale, the long-awaited finale, to “The Flaw in All Things.”, “STAR WARS: DARTH MAUL” kicks off a 5 part introspective and story into the life and times of one of the more darker dark side denizens.  In an effort to apparently gain sales, House Marvel is reissuing certain titles and issues from their storied past under the “TRUE BELIEVERS” headline. This week we have “WOLVERINE” #1 and “WOLVERINE VS HULK” #1. I am not a fan of reprints and reissues as they seldom do much from a collectors point of view but they are a great way to get copies of old favorites for cheap and these go for a buck! Also in Marvel this week we get a lot of Tie-ins of several titles into the current “MONSTERS UNLEASHED”
and “IVX” (Inhumans vs X-Men) series. “ALL NEW X-MEN” are featured in tie-ins to both series and “DEADPOOL AND THE MERCS FOR MONEY” sees some action in the IVX series.     


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