Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Eat A Peach

3 July 2012

These early days of summer have been hot everywhere!!! You know whats good on a hot summer day? Some spicy salsa!!!!! This is a sweet and refreshing salsa that has a bit of a kick to it and as it is served cold, it not only wakes your mouth up but it also cools you down. It can be served with chips or as a relish on grilled meats like pork chops or loin, fish and poultry. This salsa is now on my list of refrigerator staples!!! Its something I came up with the other day and I hope you try it, and like it, too!! Enjoy!

“Eat A Peach” Salsa

Recipe by Don “Big Daddy” Devine first prepared on 1 July 2012

Recipe Summary:

Yield:   Makes about 2 cups


2 husked, cored and diced tomatillos
3 diced jalapenos ( I keep the seeds and inner stem)
½ diced yellow onion
2 skinned, diced peaches
½ to ¾ cup apple juice
¼ white or apple cider vinegar
½ tsp white sugar
Salt and pepper to taste


Combine and thoroughly mix all ingredients in a glass mixing bowl and cover. Allow to sit, refrigerated for a minimum of 3 – 4 hours or overnight before packing into mason or other type of jar.

When adding your liquids you want to combine them separately first then add the liquids to the mixture to the point where it almost covers the fruit and vegatables. It can be served freshly made if you desire.

Serve with grilled meats as a relish/salsa, I recommend pork, fish or even poultry

© Copyright, Don Devine, 2012.