Sunday, March 26, 2017

New Comics for Wednesday 29 March 2017!

DKIII #8 Bill Sienkiewicz Variant Cover

 DARK HORSE has some kind of story about a pirate searching for a NY mob boss and yada-yada-yada mayhem ensues. “LOBSTER JOHNSON: PIRATES GHOST” hits the shelves this week. Could be good reading if you like stories about pirates chasing NY mob bosses.

Adam Strange/Johnny Quest Crossover
Theres some new things in DC this week. The DC/Hanna Barbera crossovers hit full force this week….After the events of “Death of Hawkman”, we find Adam Strange on earth looking for a way home. No heroes around but there is Johnny Quest and his Dad to help him out! “ADAM STRANGE FUTURE QUEST SPECIAL” #1” is a one-shot and Batman does indeed make an appearance!..... “BOOSTER GOLD FLINTSTONES SPECIAL#1” is another crossover one-shot coming out that pits Booster and Fred together in the 25th century, since when did Fred start looking like Superman??.....”GREEN LANTERNS SPACE GHOST SPECIAL #1” and “SUICIDE SQUAD BANANA SPLITS SPECIAL #1” wrap up DC’s cavalcade of interesting HANNA BARBERA crossovers and matchups. Let’s hope that’s the end of that…..“BATGIRL ANNUAL #1” comes out with a Supergirl appearance…… “TITANS ANNUAL #1” pits our young heroes with their mentors and guess what? They intend to save earth and the day!!!!......We get the 8th installment of “DARK KNIGHT III: THE MASTER RACE” this week. It comes with a lot of good looking variants but what gets me is how this storyline is taking so long to get published!!! And now we get 9 issues?!?!?!? WHEN will this crap be over?!?!?!?!?!!.....

Nothing new comes from Image this week. But we do get finales from “MAYDAY” and “MOONSHINE” this week. I’ve been reading “MOONSHINE” and it was a good read! “MAYDAY” wasn’t so much…
Inhumans Prime #1
 MARVEL starts The “Resurrexion” storyline with the opening issues of “INHUMANS PRIME” and “X-MEN PRIME”. It’s gonna be good so yer gonna wanna hook yerself up!!!!!

DYNAMIC ENTERTAINMENT hits another out the park, that is, if you like stories set in the 1930’s-40’s. “DOC SAVAGE: RING OF FIRE #1” kicks off a 4 part miniseries with Amelia Earhart, Navy bases exploding from volcanoes, FDR and all kinds of cool stuff! I have no idea what the storyline is.

AMERICAN MYTHOLOGY PRODUCTIONS is releasing another Adam Green story about Victor Cowley, “HATCHET”. If you are into horror, gore and scary stuff you might like this one!

BLACK MASK COMICS is bringing back the infamous Space Riders crew in “SPACE RIDERS: GALAXY OF BRUTALITY #1” as they reform to fight an ancient evil power from getting too much power!

VAULT COMICS hits us with a doozie this week!!!! “KARMA POLICE #1” features a compassionate assassin and some Tibetan monks! You can not go wrong with that!!!