Thursday, June 22, 2017


Mosaic ended its 8 issue run this month with its July issue. Actually, to say “ended its run” would be a misnomer. It was cancelled. Low sales maybe? Probably but I haven’t checked the numbers.

The title, about a Black NBA mega-star who suddenly finds himself without corporeal form and with the ability to “jump” into any person, learn everything about them and assume their being,  that he is Inhuman. Born with the latent chromosome that brings these “gifts” once contact is made with Terrigen.  It is not an easy thing and to do it alone is nightmare-ish to say the least. Still, he manages to find his way. Along this journey he finds out that almost everyone that was close to him was fake. His father used him for profit, his girlfriend was not that and that he was not a human then, he was a commodity. And he found that others owned him and that their intentions were not good. Along the way he runs into Spider-man, meets the Inhumans who help him figure out who he is. They use him in their war against Tony Stark and against the Mutants. Not entirely sure if that’s what he wants out of his new life, he moves on and finds himself helping Moloids fight against Diablo, and is successful. Issue 8 finds him still not sure of what and how to be and while that question exists, it suggests the journey continues. In what form and how exactly fans will just have to wait and see.

I tried to describe the story as best I could without dishing out too many spoilers. It’s a good story and I think it’s one that every Inhuman fan should read. It delves into the struggle of transformation, changing your life from that of human to Inhuman. It delves into the struggle of learning who a person is and of conflict, sacrifice, rage and justice. The story is solid. Well written and very well illustrated.

In our Facebook group, "The Comics Group", We talk frequently of Marvels attempts to create a diverse universe. To upgrade its heroes with those more closely attuned to the world of today. I think the cancellation of this series demonstrates the continued rejection of that attempt. But this series was a good story. It was well written. Geoffrey Thorne, a black man, gave us our first black Inhuman, a new black Marvel hero, and he made him viable. Thorne made Mosaic entertaining and if you read the series you will want to read more. Khary Randolph, a black man, is one of my favorite artists. His work here on Mosaic beautifully illustrated the story. If you are looking for diversity, this series was all that.

But I am not looking for diversity or ethnic balance or whatever. I’m looking for a well written damed good and entertaining story that is drawn, colored and paneled to the point that the lettering doesn’t even matter. Mosaic is that kind of story and Marvel shoots itself in the foot, again, with its cancellation. Read the series, you’ll like it.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

New Comics Releases for Wednesday 31 May 2017

Titan1 Studios "New Humanz" Cover
 THE COMICS GROUP HAWT PICK OF THE WEEK: Ready for something really bizarre??  TITAN1 STUDIOS is releasing “NEW HUMANZ” this week and it is that, entirely. A former CIA agent and her daughter are sucked through a time spanning vortex and winds up in the distant future. Not as far as 2525 where we wonder if man is still alive but to 2226! The daughter loses some body parts and winds up a cyborg in need of human replacement parts where Mom, the former CIA agent, must work in a crime syndicate to find suitable donors for those replacement body parts!! Yeah. THAT’s a bizarre sounding story!!!!!


"Joe Golem" from Dark Horse
If you like crime dramas with an occult twist, something like X-files, you are going to LOVE this spellbinder from DARK HORSE! “JOE GOLEM OCCULT DETECTIVE: OUTER DARK” takes our hero on a search for a super-powered man who is attacking citizens under the orders of some unworldly voices inside his head BUT Detective Golem has his own demons to confront and  defeat! If you liked “The Rat Catcher” then this latest from HELLBOY creator Mike Magnolia will keep you entertained!

DC's "Wonder Woman Annual" Cover

DC's “WONDER WOMAN ANNUAL” comes out with some Amazoningly awesome sounding stories! First up is a story detailing the first time Diana ever met Batman and Superman. Then we have her defending King Shark in Markovia from charges of crimes he did not commit. The last two stories take her to confront monsters, one of which makes her think about which side she wants to be on. 4 action packed stories for 5 bucks but if you are a fan of Wonder Woman, you will consider investing in this annual issue!!!!

"Paklis" from Image

IMAGE presents a new set of stories sure to keep you chilled n thrilled. “PAKLIS” is three stories of the unknown. Follow these characters on their perilous journeys! On the menu is a tale about a young man who has a hard time knowing what is real and lives in a world of human insects! The second offering is a story about a son on a journey to the center of the galaxy to discover the dark secrets of his deceased father’s experiments. The last course involves a young female pilot who goes AWOL during a war to help an amnesiac alien stop an impending disaster!

These great titles are also coming out this week and most deserving of your attention! Check these out:

MARVEL gives us a big bang with a new CABLE series!!! And I don’t mean something on TV. If you like history and you like Cable, you will enjoy this story. Cable discovers a threat in the time stream and is off to vanquish it! He travels throughout history on his quest to keep time from unraveling and reality bending to suit the needs of this adversary!

Marvels "Secret Empire: Uprising"
Also from MARVEL, another SECRET EMPIRE tie-in. “UPRISING” bridges the events of the core series issues #3 and #4 together. It features the Black Widow’s efforts at building a resistance to the goings on of the new order of things and as always in resistance, there is struggle and there is sacrifice. Will the young heroes she tasks be up to the challenge?

SPACE GOAT PUBLISHING enters into the diversity/equality arena with “HEROINES”.  A young woman with super powers announces herself to the world and sets out to show that it’s not just the guys that can save the day. Will she succeed? Will she find it’s not all fun in spandex? That remains to be seen just as it remains to be seen if anyone can get past the $5.99 price tag of this title to find out.

"Heroines" from Space Goat Publishing

TITAN COMICS gives us fantasy football in Warhammer style with “BLOOD BOWL: MORE GUTS, MORE GLORY.”  A crazy 4 part mini-series involving some humans forming a team and attempting to take the prize in this insane version of fantasy football gone gladiator!!!

TITAN COMICS also gives us another game-inspired story, this one is based on a game that is apparently yet to be released. “LITTLE NIGHTMARES” is a story about Six, a young girl being followed by the game as she travels through a realm called “The Maw” in an effort to get out. I’m not a fan of titles based on video games but if you are a fan, this one could be read-worthy.

Enjoy any and all comics you pick up this week!!!

Link to Previews World New releases list:

Sunday, May 21, 2017

New Comics for Wednesday May 24 2017

Not a lot of new titles coming out this week! Not a single new title coming out of DC, MARVEL or DARK HORSE that I think is worthy of bringing to your attention. But there are some good ones so let’s accentuate the positive eh wot?
 The COMICS GROUP HAWT PICK OF THE WEEK: Comes from a publishing company I rarely get to mention! “SAUCER STATE” comes from IDW PUBLISHING and this one sounds like a good one! She was abducted by aliens and now she’s the President of these here United States of ‘Murica!!!! She wants to find out what happened to her. But in the slimy world of Washington politics, secrets and dirty deals done dirty n cheap, can she? Find out in this sequel to and conclusion of the Hugo Award nominated “SAUCER COUNTRY” series! I just want to know if they really came here in saucers.


Rothic's "Divinica"
If you like tales set in classic times or based on the fables of ancient Greek mythology, you will love ROTHIC’s “DIVINICA”. This tale depicts the battle of Caelus and Cronus as well as the birth of the Goddess Aphrodite in a story that pays homage to those Goddesses of that time.

 These great titles are also coming out this week and most deserving of your attention! Check these out:

AFTERSHOCK COMICS brings out another wild sounding story in “THE NORMALS”. You live your life, you love your family, your friends and you experience great and good things. Then you discover none of it was real but it was real to you and you must save that world but in order to do that, you have to leave it..

Boom! Studio's "Destroyer"
BOOM! STUDIOS is releasing DESTROYER. It is a story that attempts to fuse the black lives matter movement with Frankenstein and struggles to make a point. I think it is a shameful display of a lack of creativity by its author and I think it is a disgraceful and cheap effort to garner readers through its cover depicting what appears to be a caricature of Trayvon Martin that the media used to perpetuate the myth of his being a young, innocent and sweet young boy. But, I provide commentary here and in a future blog post, only because some might actually want to read this shit.

GRAPHIC INDIA LTD and STAN LEE present “CHAKRA: MYSTERY OF MIGHTY GIRL”! I’ll be honest, the only reason I am bringing this one out is because it touts THE MAN HIMSELF as creator and writer. But his creation, Chakra the Invincible, is off to fight villainy and is joined by a new friend and ally, MIGHTY GIRL! Who is she? Why is she? Find out!!

IMAGE brings us “SAMARITAN VERITAS” Apparently a young lady has a grudge against a major U.S. Defense contractor and has sworn a vendetta against it. But how? Stealing all their research and giving it away for free might work…maybe…if you can survive the attempt to do it.
Valiant's "Rapture"
VALIANT is keeping the forges hot with “RAPTURE”. You like mystics? Knights and warrior kings doing battle to complete a sacred quest? You like peanut butter sammichs? Ok that’s not related to this book but this book has all kinds of that other stuff! It’s a Matt Kindt (Suicide Squad, Divinity) tale of conquest and determination and would be one I think worthy of your interest!!!!

Link to Previews Worlds New Releases:

Thursday, May 18, 2017

The Joy of Reading an “Old” Comic Book.

Last night I read Batman “Detective Comics, Volume 1, #591. This comic was released in October 1988. I happened across this copy at a thrift store in Bardstown Kentucky and paid 75 cents for it. It is in what I would guess to be “Very Fine” condition. The story is what we call a “one-shot” where the whole story from start to finish is contained within this single issue.

And what a story it is. It’s titled “Aborigine” and it was written by Alan Grant and John Wagner. A rich art collector had tasked a group of individuals, who were of less than honorable character, to go to the Australian Outback and collect the “Power Bone of Uluru” an ancient Aboriginal artifact of great power that is highly revered by the Aboriginal people. An Aborigine named Umbaluru has traveled to Gotham City to retrieve the stolen artifact. The men sent to obtain it had not only bribed the tribesman guarding the bone but had also later killed them. It was Umbaluru job to collect the bone and exact the vengeance and justice of the Earth Mother herself! Umbaluru easily dispatches said justice on the henchmen, killing one and incapacitating the others. However not finding the bone, he then heads to studios of the aforementioned art collector, a Mr. Kerry Rollo. Where his path crosses that of Gotham’s own night spirit, The Batman. However, Batman is unable to stop Umbaluru who takes the power bone and crashes through the window of the upper story skyscraper taking Mr. Rollo with him, apparently to their gory demise. However, Umbaluru is nowhere to be found. He has vanished along with the bone and Batman continues his search for the mysterious avenging spirit.

At first blush and especially from reading the above encapsulation, the story appears fairly cut and dry, pretty bare boned if you pardon my pun. But it is a deep, richly layered and beautifully presented story contained in 22 pages of comic book panels. The artwork provided by the great Norm Breyfogle is masterful and excellently accompanied by the color schemes of Adrienne Roy and Dan Raspler. The job of providing script to art, a task always under-rated and undervalued, Mr. Todd Klein accentuates this tale, with the flair and care of a classic poet.

The story describes to us the history and grandeur of ancient Aboriginal mythology and blends it into a tale of avenging spirits and tribal pagan justice. The story adds to that a twist of mystery and intrigue while also giving us a detail of The Batman himself and a glimpse into not only his personal life as Bruce Wayne, but also a sense of that burning rage that drives him to serve as Gotham’s Knight.  “1 I don't care who sent you! Nobody starts dispensing his own justice in this city without getting me involved! “Says Batman to Umbaluru, one vigilante to another!

 In this story we also get a look at a new, previously unseen “redesigned” Batmobile! All that in a 22 page storyboard! Frankly it is an impressive Batman story. One that hooked me early and kept me in its grasp until the very last. But one thing is obviously very clear. We do not get this level of comic literature in this day and age. I don’t want to come off sounding like some bitter old man shaking his fist at modernity while lamenting how great things were in “the day” but it does tend to be true at times. And that’s kind of sad. I don’t think the writing at any of the publishing houses is as expertly done and obviously created with pride and good Bards intent in today’s world. The creative team behind this single story, to me, represents a time when comics were king and those bringing us these tales of heroic deeds took great care with the legends and myths they were entrusted with.

I enjoyed this story immensely and I urge all comic fans to pick up an earlier edition of a volume one set and read it. Appreciate it and judge for yourself the difference between what is in your hands and what is available these days. But most of all just enjoy it. I was going to sell this comic. I’ve changed my mind.


Sunday, May 14, 2017

New Comics for Wednesday 17 May 2017…

The COMICS GROUP HAWT PICK OF THE WEEK: comes from Dynamite Entertainment with “SOVEREIGNS”.  Remember the old Gold Key comics and those heroes of old? Guys like Turok the Son of Stone, Magnus the Robot Fighter, Solar (was it Doctor Solar?) and Doctor Spektor were all the rage during the heyday of Gold Key Comics!  Now they are together in the year 2025. Turok is missing and Magnus is worried about that! And from that the journey is launched! It’s a new story with old heroes and it’s bound to please!
Dynamite Entertainments "Sovreigns" cover
Sadly, this week I do not see any new titles that would warrant listing under our “THE COMICS GROUP TITLES MENTIONED IN HONORABLE TERMS”! title!!! BUT…..

 These great titles are also coming out this week and most deserving of your attention! Check these out:
Image's "Grrl Scouts" Cover
Image is coming out with a couple of good ones this week! “GRRL SCOUTS: MAGIC SOCKS”! See I thought this was going to be about Girl Scouts! I love Girl Scout cookies and sometimes during dress-up we…..ah never mind that. But anyway, no Girl Scouts or their cookies. This is another chapter in a story I know nothing about! These girls apparently go on some kind of psychedelic adventure on the streets of some place called Freak City. Sounds like a freak show all right but it might be fun.

Image is also bringing us a 25 year anniversary release of SPAWN #1!!! You get the original art and storyboard of the first issue, page commentary by Todd MacFarlane the creator, writer and artist and some “vintage surprises” from the early days of Spawn. For 44.99 I think you get your monies worth!

Image's "Wicked  Divine" Cover
And yet another good one from Image “THE WICKED AND DIVINE: 455 AD” is a true stand-alone one-shot meaning it won’t be a part of any past or future volumes of this exciting tale. In this one, Lucifer apparently refuses to fiddle whilst the Roman Empire burns! It’s a story described as a vandalization of history in this twisted tale of the Sack of Rome! As always, WICKED AND DIVINE comes with staggeringly great art from series and Avengers AI great Andre Araujo!

Marvel has some good titles out this week! First up “GENERATION X”. Join the mutants as Professor Xavier’s School reopens for new students and who else but Jubilee is there to help monitor the new budding mutants as they adapt and survive in a world that bears them no grace! I’m liking this one for its cover art by Terry Dodson who has done some great work for X-Men and INHUMAN alike!
Marvel's "Generation X" Cover

Marvel’s “LUKE CAGE” comes out with a new series this week! Some of my best friends have enjoyed Luke Cage over the years and this series promises to entertain you as it reacquaints you with perhaps one of Marvels most under-valued heroes. This story take Luke to New Orleans and as always, trouble finds him but he freakin deals with it!!!

Here’s the link to this week’s New Releases list!

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Snippets on Mr. Jefferson

I’ve recently undertaken an effort to refresh myself with our American history, keying on Revolutionary times (Pre and Post war). I want to reacquaint myself with not only the writings of Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Thomas Paine and James Madison but also get into some autobiographical texts as well.

So with that, I picked up a copy of Jon Meacham’s “Thomas Jefferson The Art of Power” (2013 Random House Trade Publication Edition, Copyright C 2012 by Merewether LLC, ISBN 978-0-8129-7948-0) from a local discount store. I think I paid $2.00 for it!

I am happy I read this book. Not only did it refresh my knowledge of American History during that time, it added a lot of information about how and who Thomas Jefferson was. It answered a lot of questions I had about the character of the man and provided insight into some other aspects of his life that I did not know like……

Thomas Jefferson was something of a cad!! He pursued the wife of his best friend. To the point where he was made to leave the bedchambers where she was staying while he was to have been entertaining his best friend in his home.

He had a questionable relationship with a French dignitary’s wife that lasted years, apparently with the full knowledge of the husband. How close they were and the extent of their relationship isn’t crystal clear but from their correspondence and from the speculation, one could only speculate. And I am sure there was plenty of that at that time.

He was not one for direct conflict. Whether it was personal, business, family or whatever he would do what he could to manage the situation from afar or behind the scenes. He would not be one to ever consider direct personal confrontation of any kind.

During the Revolutionary War, when the British were approaching his home in Virginia with the intent of capturing him, Thomas Jefferson fled the scene. That’s something that has been established in history and I had always felt that had the British captured Jefferson, it would have been an immense propaganda victory for them. It would have represented a huge morale boost for British troops who were already winning the war at the time and one that could have been devastating to American hearts and minds. But when I read other aspects of his character, I wonder if that was the reason for his departure at the time. Was he chicken? I would think not but I don’t think the book really, clearly, answered that question which plagued Jefferson throughout history.

Upon the arrival of invading British troops in Virginia during the revolutionary War, then Governor Jefferson was slow and indecisive in calling out the militia and in preparing a response or defense.

He was strong and powerful in his words but he was a soft spoken man, if you will pardon the “Seinfeld reference”, he was a low talker and by all accounts nay have been somewhat effeminate in his actions.

Jefferson loved living well. I knew that when he passed away, he did so in debt but his debt to the tune of somewhere around 2 million dollars is kind of staggering.

Jefferson loved America. He was a strong proponent of American life and liberty. He was mortally afraid, if not obsessively so, of our young nation returning to British subjugation in some form or the establishment of an American monarchy. It physically plagued him at times.

He suffered greatly from migraines. Intense migraines that caused him to be bedridden sometimes for days at a time. This autobiography describes some of the ailments he suffered as he grew older. He had his physical pain and his mental anguish.

Thomas Jefferson loved his family. Caring for his wife whom he loved deeply, caring for his children, the ones that survived, and his grandchildren. He took pains financially and otherwise to keep his family as close as he possibly could. He provided for the education of the children, recommending courses of study, books to read and areas of knowledge to undertake. He would even set out daily schedules for them to follow.

Jefferson may have had more than a minor role in President James Monroe’s development and implementation of the Monroe Doctrine. His thoughts were well known to President Monroe and to what measure Jefferson’s influence had on his administration is not clear in this text but to me it was impressive. The power and influence the man Jefferson had on those around him. Even those that were not supporters of his causes.

These were all things I, for the most part, did not know. I knew about the controversy surrounding his time as Virginia governor during the revolution and the British invasion of Virginia but history told me that “He ran” and that was it.

But one recurrent theme that leapt out from this book at me was how divided our country was at that time and how some of those things dividing our people then are nearly the same things that divide us now. It amazes me that the particulars of the events are different but the essence of our country’s turmoil is nothing really new today from what it was in 1800.

One aspect of the times back then was how visceral the press was at that time, in particular of Jefferson. Fake news, gossip and misrepresentation of facts seemed to rule the headlines in those days. Not only against Jefferson and other Republican figures but also against President Adams who represented a largely Federalist view of things.

Differences of opinions shattered friendships, good working relationships and even family ties back in those days just as we see today. In fact about the only time the country appeared truly united was in the days following the Louisiana Purchase. Much like how 9/11 temporarily united all our fronts.

Author Jon Meacham
Jon Meacham wrote this book largely based from the correspondence Mr. Jefferson had with the many people he wrote. At times in the book I felt that that the facts presented were little snippets of information. We go from a brief sentence or two about his role in say, creating the University of Virginia, to a paragraph or two of “Mr. Jefferson slept with his slave.”  We do get bits of the author’s insight throughout the text but it mostly has the feel of compiled snippets

A nation united yet never really together. That’s what strikes me about this country from having read this book. Jon Meacham does a good job in pointing that out and it seems to me that he also does a good job at pointing out Mr. Jefferson’s faults or failings. Sometimes it seems as though his writing is purposed in that light. Whether he is a fan or admirer of Thomas Jefferson I don’t really know and don’t really care to be honest. He says he admires him in the books epilogue and acknowledgements. But it sure doesn’t seem that way.

But I think that if we review the history of our country that is what we find. We are never really together. We will always be separated by some “thing” or another and in fact the things we fight about amongst ourselves today are the same things fought over back in the earliest days of our nation. And that was one of the things Thomas Jefferson feared for us most. Still, we continue forth, we fight and argue but we still go forward. And that I think was one of the biggest hopes of Mr. Thomas Jefferson.


Sunday, May 7, 2017

New Comics Released this Wednesday May 10, 2017.

Please allow me to start this weeks “New Comics” post off with a couple of side bar notes on topics related to our beloved medium.

This last Saturday, May 6th, was “Free Comic Book Day” with local comic shops and retailers that participated obviously giving away comics and promoting the world of comic books. Publishers released special “FCBD” editions/reprints of stories with a price tag of a dollar. Retailers even let loose their “collection fodder” issues of old comics for $1.00. Some shops even held events not unlike a “mini-con” to help bring out the fans. It’s a yearly event and if you are a fan, if you love comics, I hope you got a chance to head out to your local comic shop and partook of the festivities!

My last sidebar note is a rant against Marvel Comics. SHAME ON YOU MARVEL!!!! SHAME! SHAME! SHAME! You hypocritical money grubbing sorry ass excuse shell of a previously great publishing house that you are! You suck buckets! You smell like the bottom of a fish bait basket that’s been sitting out in a hot August sun all day covered in flies and maggots and being shunned by even the hungry of pier loitering kitty cats!!! You ask, what draws my mild distemper this morning? Well Marvel recent fired artist Ardian Syaf for his placing of political, anti-Semantic, messages within the artwork of the recent “X-Men Gold” #1 issue. The messages made it past Marvels editors and Syaf was fired. Well, this week, they are reissuing that same magazine, sans messages, but with a brand spanking new variant cover done by none other than Mr. Ardian Syaf himself. And they are charging us $4.99 for the pleasure of owning this book. Further, the first 7 “A” or main covers for this series are Syaf covers. I find this absolutely detestable. I consider the very description of the bowels of hypocrisy. You fire the man for his transgressions, which you should have seen before their being made public, and then you issue his work in a reprinted issue as a “variant”. I know it may be a matter of production or contract but the point is you fired him. If you use his art, you should have to pay him for it and if that is the case then why fire him to begin with? You should have fired him, pulled his art and not use any of it from the point of termination. Disgusting and SHAME MARVEL!!!!

Now, on to the reason I write this morning. We have some new books out this week, new series to which I would like to draw your attention to.


Image's "Regression"

I really like Cullen Bunn. Last week ONI PRESS INC launched another chapter in his “DAMNED” series which sounded great. This week IMAGE publishes a cool sounding supernatural terror saga “REGRESSION”. The lead character suffers from ghastly, horrible visions. He undergoes hypnotic past-life therapy to help treat his affliction. Once back in a past life, he witnesses a horrible scene of complete debauchery and evil. Once wakened he is even worse and he finds that something came back with him. Bunn can weave a web of intrigue and suspense that will keep you hooked and might just scare the pants off ya!

Here are some other titles that I believe deserve “THE COMICS GROUP TITLES MENTIONED IN HONORABLE”. These picks could have been “HAWT” picks but, like a Highlander with his head attached, “There can be only one!”:

Action Lab's "Hero Cats Midnight
Over Stellar City"
I love ACTION LAB ENTERTAINMENT. Probably one of the more creative publishing houses out there! This week we get “HERO CATS: MIDNIGHT OVER STELLAR CITY”!  Midnight is a Hero Cat and in the town of Stellar City there has been a jailbreak. It’s up to Midnight to recapture the escaped criminals all by himselfs! But he has help with fellow Hero Cat Cassiopeia!

ANTARCTIC PRESS provides us with a classic story of Good vs Evil with “SILVER SOLDIERS #1”. I’m sure this one will be offensive to those non-Christian or non-believers and that makes me even more curious to read! God has chosen six people who have lost their way to be defenders of faith and fight the evil of Hell itself. Of course, God gives them some awesome powers and cool costumes to battle with! It’s the Archangels against the fallen minions of darkness!!!!!

DC brings us a real mind-bending trip in “BUG! THE ADVENTURES OF FORAGER.” It defies description! It centers on the exploits of Forager, a “bug” who escaped from the Hive, travels in various and different realities and dimensions and encounters new and different nightmarish characters in each realm. He seeks the reality changing metal that can destroy everything and he must find it before the evil General Electric. Along the way he is challenged by talking teddy bears, ghostly girls so if you read this 6 part miniseries, don’t drop acid before you do. Talk about a family affair, this production is brought to us by the Eisner Award winning Allred clan. The story is written by Lee Allred (BATMAN '66), stunning art by Michael Allred (Silver Surfer) and colors by Laura Allred (Lady Killer).

Scout Comics "Mindbender"
SCOUT COMICS releases “MINDBENDER” this week. A young boy witnesses the gruesome deaths of his parents because his mind, at that age, tapped into a mysterious and powerful unknown force. As a result he has withdrawn into himself.  16 years in this catatonic state, he is awakened and he is empowered with tremendous abilities. Others know this and have been waiting for his awakening. Will he be a force of good or evil? Find out in this thriller!!!

Here are some other titles you might like to check out!

Action Lab's "Medisin"
ACTION LAB – DANGER ZONE gives us their commentary on the healthcare issue (maybe?) with “MEDISIN”. Who takes care of the bad guys after they get their asses kicked? Huh? Ya ever think about that??? Not really whether the cause is just or not, these doctors seek to do just that. Care for the bad guys. But what happens when one goes rogue? I dunno. What’s that mean? The rogue doc now helps good guys? It’s an interesting premise and might be worthy of our attention.

DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT brings a story based in the popular RED RISING trilogy written by Peirce Brown.  Mankind is spread across the stars and divided by a color caste system. What happens when someone from the all-ruling Gold caste falls for a lowly Red caste??? Probably the same thing that happened to Romeo and Juliet but on a galactic, interplanetary scale maybe. And they probably don’t have swords because they probably use ray guns or something. Anyway, the story is “RED RISING: SONS OF ARES” and if you liked the book, you might like this one too!

IMAGE also brings us another chapter in the “RENATO JONES” saga. This one “SEASON TWO” finds the vigilante having to defend against the aggression of the bad guys he challenged in season one. I don’t know what he expected to happen but here it is, they fight back. It’s a five part miniseries that you might find fun…or not.

MARVEL brings us a series based on one it’s more quirky, and popular, characters, ROCKET. We find the feisty raccoon (don’t tell him I called him that) trying to live a life on the right side of the law. Then an old flame “swims” back into his life and insanity ensues. It will be entertaining I can assure you of that.

I’m avoiding the SECRET EMPIRE “event” like the plague but this one-shot is probably going to have to go into my INHUMANS box. “SECRET EMPIRE – SECRET WARRIORS” is a dreaded Tie-in to SECRET EMPIRE and it pits some of the “All-New” INHUMANS and Karnak against the now HYDRA aligned CAPTAIN AMERICA. Let’s hope the new kids on the block to handle the mettle of MARVELS newest super bad guy!

Marvel's "STAR WARS:
The Screaming Citadel"

MARVEL gives us a new chapter in the STAR WARS saga in “STAR WARS THE SCREAMING CITADEL – PART 1”. Its listed as a one-shot with Part one in the title. That tells us there might be more to this story coming up. Yeah, I don’t need the world’s greatest detective to figger that out do I!?!? Anyway, our favorite Jedi, Luke Skywalker teams up with Dir. Aphra. Will it help him or hurt him? Read and find out!

VALIANT ENTERTAINMENT LLC brings us another chapter in its “ETERNAL WARRIOR” story, “AWAKENING”. The warrior finds himself seriously injured in battle and awakens in a strange place inhabited by people who helped nurse him back to health. Trouble is, he has no memory of his past. No idea of what happened before he woke. But trouble looms for the people that helped him and he will repay his debt to them!

Link to this weeks Previews World New Releases:

Sunday, April 30, 2017

New Comics released this Wednesday 3 May 2017..

The cover of Aftershocks "Pestilence"
 And there are a ton of them! Of note as the summer reading push comes out, many publishers are offering discounted prices, vintage print and coloring and it seems everyone is pumping out new series, one-shots, events, anything to get your reading dollars. Some worth it, some not. Here on this desolate virtual isle of blogspace, we attempt to give you the word on the ones we feel are worthy of your hard earned bucks and time. And as always we start with our…..

COMICS GROUP “HAWT” PICK OF THE WEEK: Aftershock Comics presents “PESTILENCE”, a highly interesting tale set in the 14th century. What if the “Black Death”, the Great Plague, was not what we were told it was? What if it was something else entirely? What if it was the first unrecorded zombie infestation of mankind??? Wait…what?!?!? First?!?!? “Unrecorded”?!?!?! And what if your crew had guys named “The Church” and “Fiat Lux”?? Then you would know you are in store for some kick ass readin’. Especially considering this is all from the crazed mind and pen of Frank Tieri, the guy that brought us Deadpool and Wolverine. With art and covers from Disney’s Oleg Okunev and Eisner Award nominated Tim Bradstreet (The Punisher, HellBlazer) this is going to be a HAWT summer series and most certainly our pick for this week.

We have several titles out this week that I think warrant our coming out with a new category, “THE COMICS GROUP TITLES MENTIONED IN HONORABLE TERMS”! These are actually “HAWT” picks as well but my OCD instructs me to never have more than one HAWT pick and I am a sucker for the panache of a new category!!! Anyway, check these out:

Lion Forge's "AB Irato" cover

LION FORGE comics usually comes out with some great stories and “AB IRATO” is yet another! Set dystopian future of rising sea levels, mankind, or at least the rich portion of mankind, has developed a “vaccine” that prolongs human lifespans by hundreds of years. And of course, the rich control it and the city where our heroes live and it’s up to them to wrest that control and make the vaccine either go away or be available for everybody. The basic question exists “Is that vaccine a good thing in a world of diminished resources?” Thierry Labrosse writes and provides his own artwork for this series. His efforts sound and look rich and very entertaining.

MARVEL gives us “JANE GREY”.  I like X-Men well enough but I have not read a lot of their exploits. I am a sinner, I know. But for me, JANE GREY is probably one of the more interesting characters from Professor X’s coven. That’s right. I said coven. But in this series, a teen-age and time travelling Jane is stuck in an endless life and death cycle, now in the present, she learns the horrible fate which befell her. But she is escaping! And her captor might be aware of it and in hot pursuit! The story by X-Men writer Dennis Hopeless promises to keep you enthralled!!! I am not however, all that happy about the price tag for this issue. 5 bucks a book is a tad much Marvel!

Marvel's "Jane Grey"
These great titles are also coming out this week and most deserving of your attention! Check these out:

Alterna Comics "Croak" cover
ALTERNA COMICS gives another good sounding story! “CROAK” is a 3 part story about the Boogie Man! Well maybe not him exactly but these teens go in the forest on a camping trip whereupon their deepest darkest nightmares come to life and crazy stuff happens!!!!! Another highlight to this is that Lion Forge has fixed a price tag of $1.50 for this book AND printed it on nostalgic newsprint with a glossy cover!!!

ALTERNATIVE COMICS asks this week “What happens when a young data-entry clerk discovers her own sexuality and a penchant for blood meets a wheel chair bound nerd who has done the same?” You get a book titled “SLASHER” that for 5 bucks a book cuts into your comic’s allowance!! The story does indeed sound promising but…NUFF SAID!!!

DARK HORSE publishing is starting a new series “PREDATOR HUNTERS”. If you are into comics based on movies and the characters from them, and I generally am not, then this might be for you. Humans turn the table on the Predators and hunt them instead. This one features a special metallic ink cover presentation by Francisco Ruiz Velasco and Doug Wheatley.

DC rolls out a new 12 issue series featuring Bane! “BANE CONQUEST” has the man who broke the Bat taking on the challenge of new cities and new enemies as he strives to become the ultimate most powerful crime lord in the world!

Dynamite Entertainments "SwordQuest" Cover
DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT always lives up to its name and this week is no different! “SWORDQUEST” is a story based on the old Atari game from the late 70’s/early 80’s that obsessed young Peter Case back in 1983 and it apparently has done so again in present time! It’s a good story and at 25 cents a book, how can ya go wrong?!?!?!?

IMAGE is re-releasing the first issues of some of its top titles and charging only a dollar for them. It’s their way of enticing you to try out some titles you may have missed and want to try out. I have no idea if they intend on doing this for the complete run of those series at present. But doing so for a dollar is a nice effort on their part. Some of the titles they are re-releasing include ‘BLACK MAGIK” “G*DDA*NED” and “SEVEN TO ETERNITY”.
Image's "YoungBlood" Cover
IMAGE is also going through its own sort of REBIRTH. “YOUNGBLOOD REBORN” kicks off the return of this epic, vastly over-printed, series from their days past.

MARVEL is busy this week! Read on True-Believers:

Do you like “GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY”?? I don’t but MARVEL is releasing three new GOTG offerings this week! If you are a fan you have to check out the new “ALL NEW GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY” series and a one-shot featuring The Collector in “GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY: MISSION BREAKOUT”. Theres also a new 5 part mini-series “GOTG: MOTHER ENTROPY”, which is oddly named after my exercise routine. Anyway, if you are a fan of these guys, this is a summers full load of readin right here!!
Marvels "Black Bolt" Cover
For our INHUMANS fans, of which I am, MARVEL is releasing “BLACK BOLT”, his first solo series and this one has him imprisoned and immediately has a fight to the death with “The Absorbing Man”. Along the way we will find out who is imprisoning him and where!!!!

MARVEL’s first issue of its 9 part “Event” “SECRET EMPIRE” finally comes out this week. Steve Rogers comes out as a Hydra agent and calamity, hysteria and outrage ensues. But as usual, it comes out with a 5 dollar a book price tag. That tends to make me want to revolt myself!!!

Oni Press INC's "Damned" cover
ONI PRESS INC has a good one out this week! “DAMNED”, a story by Cullen Bunn (DEADPOOL, HARROW COUNTY and many many other titles) that I believe draws out of a story he published in 2007 “THREE DAYS DEAD”. This chapter is titled “Ill-Gotten” and the lead character Eddie is a mortal with the power to return from the dead in a prohibition era world where demonic princes control all the crime families and he, runs a club where “No Demons Allowed” is about to get all messed up by somebody he trusts that he cannot trust! ONI PRESS is slapping a 1 dollar price tag on this book to help you decide if it’s read-worthy or not.

Like I said, there are a lot of new stories, new titles out this week. Be sure to visit your local comic shop (LCS) and grab that which grabs you!!!!

Here is this weeks link to Previews World New Releases:

Sunday, March 26, 2017

New Comics for Wednesday 29 March 2017!

DKIII #8 Bill Sienkiewicz Variant Cover

 DARK HORSE has some kind of story about a pirate searching for a NY mob boss and yada-yada-yada mayhem ensues. “LOBSTER JOHNSON: PIRATES GHOST” hits the shelves this week. Could be good reading if you like stories about pirates chasing NY mob bosses.

Adam Strange/Johnny Quest Crossover
Theres some new things in DC this week. The DC/Hanna Barbera crossovers hit full force this week….After the events of “Death of Hawkman”, we find Adam Strange on earth looking for a way home. No heroes around but there is Johnny Quest and his Dad to help him out! “ADAM STRANGE FUTURE QUEST SPECIAL” #1” is a one-shot and Batman does indeed make an appearance!..... “BOOSTER GOLD FLINTSTONES SPECIAL#1” is another crossover one-shot coming out that pits Booster and Fred together in the 25th century, since when did Fred start looking like Superman??.....”GREEN LANTERNS SPACE GHOST SPECIAL #1” and “SUICIDE SQUAD BANANA SPLITS SPECIAL #1” wrap up DC’s cavalcade of interesting HANNA BARBERA crossovers and matchups. Let’s hope that’s the end of that…..“BATGIRL ANNUAL #1” comes out with a Supergirl appearance…… “TITANS ANNUAL #1” pits our young heroes with their mentors and guess what? They intend to save earth and the day!!!!......We get the 8th installment of “DARK KNIGHT III: THE MASTER RACE” this week. It comes with a lot of good looking variants but what gets me is how this storyline is taking so long to get published!!! And now we get 9 issues?!?!?!? WHEN will this crap be over?!?!?!?!?!!.....

Nothing new comes from Image this week. But we do get finales from “MAYDAY” and “MOONSHINE” this week. I’ve been reading “MOONSHINE” and it was a good read! “MAYDAY” wasn’t so much…
Inhumans Prime #1
 MARVEL starts The “Resurrexion” storyline with the opening issues of “INHUMANS PRIME” and “X-MEN PRIME”. It’s gonna be good so yer gonna wanna hook yerself up!!!!!

DYNAMIC ENTERTAINMENT hits another out the park, that is, if you like stories set in the 1930’s-40’s. “DOC SAVAGE: RING OF FIRE #1” kicks off a 4 part miniseries with Amelia Earhart, Navy bases exploding from volcanoes, FDR and all kinds of cool stuff! I have no idea what the storyline is.

AMERICAN MYTHOLOGY PRODUCTIONS is releasing another Adam Green story about Victor Cowley, “HATCHET”. If you are into horror, gore and scary stuff you might like this one!

BLACK MASK COMICS is bringing back the infamous Space Riders crew in “SPACE RIDERS: GALAXY OF BRUTALITY #1” as they reform to fight an ancient evil power from getting too much power!

VAULT COMICS hits us with a doozie this week!!!! “KARMA POLICE #1” features a compassionate assassin and some Tibetan monks! You can not go wrong with that!!!