Monday, August 20, 2012

My Blind Mind’s Eye – Part II

20 August 2012

Back in early April this year I wrote about my blindness and how I related that to the heart disease. Earlier this month, I had my annual ophthalmology appointment here in Converse. So today I wanted to briefly update my status in regards to my blindness.

The good doctor did the normal examination and found that no further damage to my optic nerves has occurred and that my eye pressure remains as always, normal. No evidence of glaucoma or any kind of tumor/injury/abnormality to the eye itself exists. So that’s good. 

My condition is such that some of my optic nerves have died. It is a rare condition and I’ve tried to research some myself and there’s not much out there that really describes much about it. I have had two different doctors tell me that this is a rare condition, no cure exists and there’s not much information available about it. 

Every year I get an “Automated Perimetry Test”. With this test the doctor and I can check for any significant changes in my current field of vision (FOV). To briefly recap, I have had vision loss since 1980. In 2003, after my heart attacks and surgery I noticed that it seemed to have gotten worse.  Every year since then, my FOV has remained unchanged, with a few minor fluctuations here and there, basically the same. This year’s results were no different and with every visit with my eye doctor the news is always the same. That my vision is not getting any worse, my FOV is not degrading further and that what I do see, I see very well.

Well How much do I see? Well I’m going to show you how much. When people look at me, you can’t really tell that I suffer some blindness, or that I have a heart condition, because I am, for the most part, able to get around. I can see some things. Below are the results of my latest Automated Perimetry test.  The left pic is the left eye; the right pic is the right eye:

The black areas represent the areas of complete blindness. Bear in mind that I don’t actually see this way; this is a digital representation of the results of that test. It’s hard to explain but what I see, I see. What I don’t see, I just don’t see it. It is neither black nor blurred out. It just doesn’t exist. The white shaded areas are what I do see with the brightest being clear vision and degrading from there. To put it in a context that may be relatable, if I am sitting in the driver’s side of a vehicle, and driving, I can see the entire front windshield area and some of the area to my right. Any passenger would be mostly invisible though I see their legs. I cannot clearly see the dashboard while driving so I have to look at the speedometer or other meters, the same with the mirrors. I cannot see my own lap. I could see vehicles sitting to either side of me. I may not see vehicles approaching me to either side if I was turning into traffic from say, a parking lot, unless I turn and look to check for approaching traffic. And even then, I have to be very careful. I would have to be very careful changing lanes and my reaction time to traffic conditions and obstacles is minimal. I absolutely could not drive at night as I have major night blindness and my eyes are real sensitive to light.

What caused it? I think that my heart disease plays alot into the why of this. I assume that like anything else nerves need blood to survive. I have nerve damage and pain in various parts of my body and have had that for a very long time. I have circulation problems as well and it could be an aspect of diabetes. At any rate, my optic nerves are damaged because my body could not get adequate blood flow to those nerves and therefore dried up. You can’t fix that. There’s also an outside chance that it’s hereditary. A condition called LHON (Leber's Hereditary Optic Neuropathy) that attacks people between the ages of 13 and 30 causing a painless loss of vision in both eyes. It’s associated with a mutation in mitochondrial DNA, which is inherited only from a child’s mother.

The good news is I am not presently losing any more vision. The bad news is the probability exists that I may lose more vision in the future or I may not however, there is still no cure for this condition. And that’s ok. I have had this since 1980 and I adapted then. I have adapted to the increased loss now and will continue to move on through life not worrying about something I have absolutely no control of. Why am I writing this today? I’ll get more into that later.

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Eat A Peach

3 July 2012

These early days of summer have been hot everywhere!!! You know whats good on a hot summer day? Some spicy salsa!!!!! This is a sweet and refreshing salsa that has a bit of a kick to it and as it is served cold, it not only wakes your mouth up but it also cools you down. It can be served with chips or as a relish on grilled meats like pork chops or loin, fish and poultry. This salsa is now on my list of refrigerator staples!!! Its something I came up with the other day and I hope you try it, and like it, too!! Enjoy!

“Eat A Peach” Salsa

Recipe by Don “Big Daddy” Devine first prepared on 1 July 2012

Recipe Summary:

Yield:   Makes about 2 cups


2 husked, cored and diced tomatillos
3 diced jalapenos ( I keep the seeds and inner stem)
½ diced yellow onion
2 skinned, diced peaches
½ to ¾ cup apple juice
¼ white or apple cider vinegar
½ tsp white sugar
Salt and pepper to taste


Combine and thoroughly mix all ingredients in a glass mixing bowl and cover. Allow to sit, refrigerated for a minimum of 3 – 4 hours or overnight before packing into mason or other type of jar.

When adding your liquids you want to combine them separately first then add the liquids to the mixture to the point where it almost covers the fruit and vegatables. It can be served freshly made if you desire.

Serve with grilled meats as a relish/salsa, I recommend pork, fish or even poultry

© Copyright, Don Devine, 2012.

Friday, May 11, 2012

The Love of a Mother

11 May 2012

Did ya know it’s Mother’s Day this Sunday? Oh yes it is. I’ve always had a hard time with Mother’s Day. I get along with my Mother but we have our issues. It is seriously challenging to know and love my Mother and yes, I know it is seriously challenging knowing and loving me too. Well, I get it from her!!! Regardless of history, issues and familial strife, every year I play the dutiful son and I honor my Mother on Mother’s Day. I do so gladly I guess, despite my grumblings. She is, after all, my Mom.

I’m not the only one who has problems relating to their mothers. I think everyone in the world does to some extent. Mothers are our biggest fans and our fiercest critics. Our biggest supporters and our toughest coaches. Everything that we need in life we get from our mothers, every bit of our essence today is built through our mothers. Mothers give us life, as do our fathers, but I have always felt that it is the mother that nurtures that life and has the most far reaching effect or impact on our lives. Young children need their mothers and in all reality, that need does not diminish one iota as time goes on. Our persona and how we face and handle life in the future is influenced and forged at an early age by our mothers. If we are lucky, that influence is positive. When it is positive, then all things can be achieved. When it is negative, it is perhaps the most devastating thing one can have vested upon them. There is no denying the impact a mother has on one’s life.

I’ve had the benefit of several Mother influences on my life. First of all of course is my Mother and I don’t want to get into issues or negativity here because that’s not what this is about today. My mother gave me life for which I am eternally grateful. She cared for me as best she could despite some personal challenges of her own and though I don’t agree with a lot of things, I know that she loved me completely and without question. I struggle here so I’m going to end this phase of my topic today but suffice it to say, it was a struggle growing up and if nothing else, I know there was a mother’s love there and I am thankful for that.

For me, many good things in my life spring from my Grandmother Devine. She helped raise me off and on throughout my childhood to include a stretch of about 2 years where my brothers and I had to live with her and Grandpa because our parents had other things to do besides raise us or even visit us during that time. This time with Grandma was life as it should have been. She imparted on us good family values, traditions, responsibility and of course, love. My brothers and I learned about God and what it means to work to help support the family. We did that by doing chores and working out on the farm. We dug taters, shucked corn and snapped beans! We helped plant them fields too and I remember it being hard work. I will never forget our times there, it was a time when my brothers and I could live, work and play as children should.  My sense of right, my judgment and my morals were forged here and are a direct result of my Grandma Devine’s influence and tutelage. I am truly blessed to have had her in my life and I believe that everything good inside me, comes from her.

Norma Cook is my best friends’, from my teen years, mother. She was very much a motherly influence on me then as well. Most of the neighborhood kids flocked to her. She was a divorced mother of three kids and she worked hard to provide for her family and for all of us “adopted” kids as well. For me, she provided safe haven and she provided guidance. She often times would talk to me and help me through perhaps some of the most difficult times I have ever dealt with. She loved all of us kids and she was an angel to me. I am not so sure what would have become of me had she not been there. I love her dearly to this day and I thank God for her presence in my life.

I celebrate and honor my wife, Terry, on Mother’s Day. Terry and I were childhood sweethearts and I believe that we both we always in each other’s hearts. She is pretty much my caretaker even though I am way too stubborn to admit that I need one.  She’s more than just a caretaker to me, she’s everything to me and I don’t think I can really imagine my life without her in it. I don’t think of her as my mother or anything but I take Mother’s Day to show respect and appreciation for all that she does for me. Mainly I celebrate the job she has done and still does being mother to her two children. They are both grown and now live their own lives.  For as long as I have known her, she has always had to adapt and overcome her unique challenges and hurdles that life often times put in front of her. But she met every challenge and cleared every hurdle. She has done so with grace and always with love in her heart for those around her. She truly has a heart of gold and is one of the most giving persons I have ever known. Raising two children under normal circumstances is hard enough. To do so when you have a lot of odds stacked up against you takes someone of exceptional courage and strength. Terry is all that and is without question, the bravest and strongest woman I have ever met in my life. Throughout her life, she has been subject to derision and people pushing her away and still weathers it to this day from alot of different people and I never understand why. She continually endures disrespect from people that I don’t think deserve to breathe the same air as she does or even be in her presence. Still, she takes it all and handles conflict with the grace of royalty. I have the utmost respect for that and for her. Ultimately though, I am thankful and respectful of the manner in which she handles one of her biggest challenges, me. Living with me is not easy and I am very thankful that she does. Happy Mother’s Day Baby!

I hope that everyone takes time to remember Mom on Mother’s Day. Even if it’s just a phone call or a visit, a little time taken out of your day to give to your Mom is time well spent. Because no matter what, no matter how happily married you are, no matter how many people you think love you, no matter what you do, have done or are doing, nobody in this entire universe loves you more than your Mother. Nobody else ever will.

Have a Blessed Day, a Blessed Weekend and a very Happy Mother’s Day Ya’ll!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012


10 May 2012

Is there anything worse in this world than a fly? I’m sure there is but nothing gets on my nerves more than a dang fly. Disgusting little critters. The only thing a fly does is eat crap and bother people. Woe is poor little me for there are flies in my life!

Everything about flies is disgusting. Did I mention they eat crap? Here’s some facts about the fly.

The complete lifespan of a fly is approximately 45 days.

Adult females are able to start producing eggs within two days of adult life and can lay up to 500 eggs over the course of three or four days. Considering that they lay eggs near continually over the course of a month, that’s a lot of little “junior” flies!!!

Flies have sponge like mouths and do not sting or bite. They don’t actually “vomit” or regurgitate when they feed. What they do is “spit” or secrete an acidic substance on their food and then suck up the resulting slop. If you have ever been “bitten” by a fly, the “sting” you feel is actually a reaction to the flies secretion.

Flies don’t feed every time they land. They only do that when they need nutrients and when they detect the presence of nutrients and nourishment through their feet.

Flies, like all pests, spread disease. They can spread diseases like typhoid, anthrax, dysentery and cholera to name a few.  But they don’t do it while secreting on you. They spread those diseases while previously landing in manure, animal carcass or other sources of filth and then landing on you or your food.

What’s the best way to keep flies at bay? Like any other pest problem, the best thing you can do is to keep your space clean. Living in a clean and healthy environment does much to keep flies, and many other pests, away.

The sole reason we have these pests is because they do exactly what I said they do. They eat crap. It’s their job to eat crap. Without flies, we would be mired in crap by now. They feast on organic goo of all kinds and help rid our world of it. So, keep your house clean and you won’t have to worry much about these pests.

They do their job. Flies eat crap and bother people. Sometimes life gives you a bunch of flies. You can make yourself crazy trying to swat them, eradicate them or otherwise rid yourself of them. You can sit back and whine incessantly about having flies. Woe is me for there are flies in my life! Everyone likes to help the victim so maybe somebody will come to your aid and help you with the flies! For me, I think I’m gonna take a page from the cow’s book. Cows hang out in fields and eat hay and grass. When they have flys in their lives they continue to go about their business being cows. Occasionally swatting them with their tails or shaking their heads but flies don’t stop cows from being cows. They keep right on doing what cows do. So like a cow in the field, I will keep swatting those flies that I continue to have in my life bothering me and I will keep chewing my cud. But like the cow, I know that no matter what I do, flies will always be there , eating crap and bothering people.

Have a Blessed Day Ya’ll!

Todays “Did ya Know?” Today is National “Clean up Your Room” Day! It kind of ties right into today’s subject!! Keep your room clean or your house in order and you won’t be plagued by flies and other pests!!!! Simple as that! Today is a special day to celebrate living clean and what better way to show pride in your home than keeping it clean and healthy? What better way to show the ones you live with that you care about them than cleaning the house or cleaning your room?! Nothing says “I LUV ya” than a freshly cleaned room!!!!

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

No Reservations

9 May 2012

On Monday night I watched one of my favorite TV shows, “Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations”. I’ve watched it for several years now and I think he is in his eighth season this year. His show is different and that is one of the attractions I have for the guy and his show. He is off the beaten path. His is a slick production. His choices of travel locations and show themes have always been interesting and very informative. I enjoy his humor too! He’s a cigarette smoking, trash talking, booze swillin’, drug ingestin’ brash, sarcastic and edgy travel show host whose episodes almost always hit the “G” spot on my entertainment button. At least he was in some of the earlier seasons.

I fear the ages are catching up with the illustrious Mr. Bourdain. He seems to have slowed. Gone are the smokes. He no longer puffs on the cigarettes! There have been some comments from him about Doctors telling him to watch his diet. Some references made to cholesterol intake as it relates to the massive amounts of fatty fattiness he consumes. He has always had a hedonistic approach to all things meaty. In particular the cuts often deemed undesirable, the parts others part with! If its meat of some kind and it comes in tubular form, all the better!!! I believe the man now takes statins!!!! Oh he still enjoys the good stuff that’s bad for you, it just seems to be a reserved enjoyment.

Gone are the drug induced stupors! Gone are the episodes where mass quantities of alcohol are consumed, at least on-air. Even Zamir Gotta, his Russian partner in crime, seems a bit tamer than before. Alcohol is still present in the show but it is not a focus anymore. And that’s good to an extent.  With age, all things exist and are enjoyed but in moderation and thus appreciated better. I can certainly relate to that!

It’s a show about food. It’s a show about traveling to a place, sampling their culture, their food and drink, and sometimes the way a particular culture parties. Even in its apparent “Lite” style now, “No Reservations” is still the premier travel show. He goes into a locale and looks into the culture itself and its food. He meets the people creating the food and gets their insights into their work, their vision. Bourdain examines how a people work, how they play and how and what, they eat. At the end of the show, you come away knowing a lot more about the places he visits and if you ever do get the chance to go there, certainly, you would have a better understanding than most.

Let’s talk about the food. A good portion of the food he samples is fine dining, gourmet food. Elegantly prepared in some of the finer restaurants and eateries in the world. Most of which very few of us would ever get the chance to try. Bourdain loves everyday food and especially street food as well. Nothing beats a late night stop at some greasy spoon diner on the way home after a night’s decadence and debauchery! Many of Tony’s stops are just that and he is just at home eating diner fare as he is gourmand grub.

I share some of his adventuristic food tendencies. I don’t mind eating a good bowl of “guts”. I will eat just about anything you put in front of me. I’ve had tripe, true barbacoa, mountain oysters, livers, kidneys, hearts, brains, whatever. I do draw the line at the private parts. This last Monday night, Tony and friends sampled fish sperm. They showed it sitting on the plate, sitting atop of what I think were vegetables and it looked like sperm. No. There is no way in hell I would ever eat the sperm of any fish or any other animal. I do not see how that can be appealing, appetizing or fulfilling in any way. I would not eat excrement either or drink urine. Also, I would not eat any animal penis. I know that sounds gross but it’s true. Anthony Bourdain has eaten penis, enjoys penis and has ate sperm as well. I definitely draw the line there at my food adventurism. You know times are hard when the only thing left of an animal to eat is his penis and sperm. I’ll go hungry, Thank you.

But that’s what Anthony Bourdain does, and still does to this day. He shows us the world we exist in today and sheds a new light on it. Shows us a better way to see places and peoples. He continually demonstrates that the best way to learn about a place, its people and their culture is through trying the food they eat. He shows us things we have missed or otherwise passed over on our way to the Eiffel Tower or Disney World. No matter what he does, no matter what he eats and whether he raises a lot of hell or merely eludes to the presence of hell, I’ll continue watching his shows. It’s one of the very few pieces of real entertainment on television anymore. It certainly beats Samantha Brown, when she’s not wearing a bikini.

Have a Blessed Day Ya’ll!

Todays “Did Ya Know?” It is “National Lost Sock Memorial” Day!!! Do you do laundry? Ever wash your socks? Well, unless you just go buy new clothes every time they get dirty, you have invariably lost a sock or two in your life. Now we have a day where we can remember our lost socks. Today we can even erect a memorial to those socks, or we can just remember. I remember every sock I have ever lost. There was one pair I had when I was young. They were bright purple. I remember the first time I slipped them on. So soft and yet firm. My toes felt clean and pampered by the soft cotton of those socks and when people saw them, they would say “Man those are some purple socks!” I would say “Yes!” “They are some purple socks!” I remember the feeling of loss I had when one day, one went missing. Never to be found. That’s the day I had my first beer and it’s been downhill ever since. It wasn’t even good beer.

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

It’s About Nothing

8 May 2012

I hadn’t posted in a little while. We have had a lot of stuff going and frankly I just didn’t feel the need to take the time in writing something up. If and when I do post an article or blog post, whatever you want to call it, I want it to mean something. I don’t consider myself a “writer” and I don’t think posting a blog makes one a writer but I don’t want to just shovel stuff out there for the sake of doing it. I think we have enough people doing that in this world! A former friend of mine many times will post a poster or “meme” when her creative well runs dry. I think that’s a nice way of providing content. But for me, I’ll handle this blog as I do life. When I have something to say, I’ll say it. If I don’t have anything to say, I won’t. I’ve just written a paragraph on having nothing to say!

Quite a few friends of mine post blogs and each of them sparkle with their own individuality. I don’t read blogs all the time but when I do, I read blogs. Stay well read my friends. I think the thing I like most about reading a friends blog is that I get a good sense of that person. I can hear their voice as I read the words and I always learn something more about them. It doesn’t matter what the blog is about. It doesn’t have to be about anything. It can be like mine, about nothing, and still I end up having the benefit of a particular insight or having shared in the recollection of a memory or happening in my friend’s life. That’s a part of being a friend I guess, sharing experiences. At any rate, it’s nice to know what my friends are thinking, even if they are thinking a lot about nothing.

One of the greatest shows on television was “Seinfeld”. Those that know me well know I am a major fan of that show. I especially love Kramer. Anyway, I loved how the show was about nothing. Something about nothing. And in reality that nothing always turned out to be something and that something meant everything at that time. At least until it was over, then it was nothing but I always felt like “Man that was something”. And I think that’s what I want to keep doing with this blog. Nothing.  There’s no theme here, no real substance, just a bunch of stuff. I don’t question the taters on the plate, how they got there and what’s the purpose. They are taters.

Have a Blessed Day Ya’ll!
Today’s “Did Ya Know?” Its “World Red Cross Day” The Red Cross originated in Geneva back in 1863 as a humanitarian effort and it’s now 149 years old. Clara Barton founded the American Red Cross in 1881. Those of us in the military and having served overseas are well familiar with some aspects of their work. They also provide relief and aid to a number of peoples worldwide and today is a day we observe and give thanks for that which they do. Check out your local chapter today!
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Friday, April 27, 2012

You’re Getting’ Old Sparky!!!

27 April 2012 

Just some random thoughts this morning. No real message here today. Almost 2 weeks ago, my wife had broke her wrist while roller skating. She’s doing better but still having some pain of course. That happened while we were roller skating. That’s not an activity we do every day. In fact, it was the first time I had gone skating since I was with her in high school!! It had been about 15 years or so for her. Anyway, she’s doing fine and is now finally starting to crochet again which makes her feel a lot better.

Two days ago I had to go to the podiatrist and he excised four ingrown toenails. They did it in the surgery clinic so that I could relax and not kick anybody when they went to jab needles in my feet and toes. I am personally “OK” with any procedure they want to do on me after they send me to Lah-Lah land. Anyway, it was a simple procedure and I am back to “normal” now. I use the word “normal” in association to me in the loosest form possible.

I learned this morning that the fiber product Metamucil is nothing like Benefiber. You cannot mix two teaspoons of Metamucil into your morning hot coffee and drink it at your leisure. The directions on the Metamucil call for 1 rounded teaspoon in an 8 ounce glass of water. The directions also mention a warning of possible choking which I thought was curious. This morning I learned that putting 2 teaspoons of Metamucil in your morning hot coffee turns that coffee into some form of a gelatinous goo. Kind of like cold gravy.  Anyway, I got a fresh cup of coffee and Gut Gawd do I miss my Benefiber!

So as I saunter around this beautiful Texas morning feeling and hearing my bones pop and crack with every move, double checking the supply of pain killers and other meds, my gaze wanders to the morning sun peaking over the horizon. It really is going to be a beautiful day. The sunshine’s first furtive caresses on the dew soaked landscape gives me cause for pause. I find myself reflecting that while I have seen more purty mornings than I have left, I seem to appreciate them ever more so than before. Anyway, Skynyrd is cranking and I’m feeling fine.

Have a Blessed Day Ya’ll!

Today’s “Did Ya Know?” It is National Morse Code Day!!!! It’s a great day to send someone a nice message and do it in Morse code!!! Dits and dahs! Many of my friends will relate to this day as we did a lot of that “dittyboppin” during our days in the service. All those countless hours spent in our youth and now we can take a moment and thank old Samuel B for his contribution to our grand society!!! Ditty dit, dit, dit, dah dit dah dah, dit dah, ditty dit, dah dah dah, dah dit!!!!

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

The NFL Draft

26 April 2012

Today’s post is going to be pretty boring to people that don’t like or follow pro football, aren’t fans of the Miami Dolphins and don’t really care too much for the draft. I myself don’t typically follow the draft but I am doing so this year. I feel that for my team, the Miami Dolphins, this is a pivotal year. This is a “do or die” season and the front offices selections are largely going to determine how the next few seasons are going to go for this team. This year’s draft picks are either going to confirm my feelings that owner Stephen Ross and in particular, GM Jeff Ireland are complete idiots or that they do possess the foresight and wisdom to build a contending team.

 We get the 8th overall pick this year. A lot of speculation persists on our picking Texas A&M QB Ryan Tannehill and I am of the feeling that if he is available, it probably would do us very well to take him. He has limited experience as a starting QB, I think his first start was in his sophomore year? But he has the skills to be a top flite, possibly even an elite QB and our Offensive Coordinator Mike Sherman has coached him. Additionally Coach Joe Philbin can develop him into a quality QB. I have said that we don’t need a QB and that is true but we will need one and getting a good one now while we are in position to do so is wise. So, if he is available, then take him.

 If we don’t take him then we should concentrate on our other spots we need attention. We need a quality pass rusher and I think Melvin Ingram, a Defensive End (DE) from South Carolina would fit that bill. He is aggressive and very quick on his feet. He has the moves and can get in the backfield much the same way our now retired Jason Taylor could in his prime. We also need a good WR and I am not impressed with the available choices this year but Michael Floyd out of Notre Dame would be my pick. He is fast and can shake defenders. I think he is a better pick than current top rated receiver Justin Blackmon out of Oklahoma State. I don’t see a lot of choices in defensive secondary players. Morris Claiborne, a Cornerback out of LSU,  is highly spoken of but I’m also hearing some negative press on him as well and I question his dedication. 

If these players are off the board, we should concentrate on our offensive line in the later rounds of the draft. We need to build the right line especially and Center. My picks for offensive linemen and Center are David DeCastro, Offensive Guard (OG) from Stanford and Cordy Glenn, OG from Georgia. I think either of these two would be great 1st round picks. For Center, my picks would be Peter Konz from Wisconsin. This guy is an animal and William Vlachos from Alabama. Both of these players anchor their lines and possess great strength, speed and agility. 

What we don’t need are running backs, possession or slot receivers, tight ends, offensive tackles. We definitely do not need kickers or punters. So to wrap it up this year, unless we are shopping all of our picks to grab a single top 3 overall draft pick, then I hope these players get drafted by the Dolphins staff this year. At a minimum I hope that my suggestions compare to how they actually draft this year.

Have a Blessed Day Ya’ll!

Today’s “Did Ya Know?” The draft starts tonight at 8 PM EST but it is also National “Richter Scale” Day!!! A great day to shake things up and now thanks to the Richter scale, we know how badly we shook them things up!!!!! It’s also National “Take Your Sons and Daughters to Work” Day!! Bring the kiddies to the jobsite!!! Let them file some papers, make the coffee and do some office chores!! Great idea if you got one or two kids but what if you’re the Octomom? Of course, I don’t think she has a job does she?
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