Sunday, February 12, 2017

New Comics on Wednesday 15 February 2017

I think I'm going to change the format and contents of this particular post. Instead of listing every single new release coming out, per Previews World, I’m going to include only the ones I think are the “HAWT” pick or picks of the week and the ones that truly sound interesting to me. Wherever possible I will try to include the releases that I think others may find read worthy as well.

The goal here is to provide content worthy of reading and content that serves a purpose as opposed to a diarized list of all the titles I see. With that in mind, here goes…

The Comics Group “HAWT” Pick of the Week: I’m not a fan of the X-men or of Wolverine for that matter but this week OLD MAN LOGAN, concludes its series with its 18th release. Jeff Lemire wraps it all up and hopefully will have some questions answered for his faithful fans. Will those questions be answered or will there be a sequel?

Titan Comics presents “THE FOREVER WAR”, an awesome sounding and possibly even a potential classic science-fiction story of war that spans across space and time itself! Live the experiences of one soldier who is caught up in this galactic level war. The story is superbly written by Joe Haldeman who actually won both a Hugo and Nebula award for this story. This amazing story is beautifully supported by the majestic art work of Marvano. A guy who is good enough to be known only by his last name, like Cher!!!!!

There were a few other titles that sounded very good to me but I noticed that they listed the release date as June 28th. I’m not sure if that’s an oversight on Preview Worlds part or if they are indeed coming out in June. Those titles “Reich” and “Cerebus in Hell?” are definetly read worthy titles but I didn’t include them in this post because of that discrepancy.

As for your main house publishers releases for this week, check out the link to see those and as always, if there’s something I didn’t talk about and it sounds good to you, then by all means buy it! I’m just one old man with an opinion and a blog site account!

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