Thursday, April 26, 2012

The NFL Draft

26 April 2012

Today’s post is going to be pretty boring to people that don’t like or follow pro football, aren’t fans of the Miami Dolphins and don’t really care too much for the draft. I myself don’t typically follow the draft but I am doing so this year. I feel that for my team, the Miami Dolphins, this is a pivotal year. This is a “do or die” season and the front offices selections are largely going to determine how the next few seasons are going to go for this team. This year’s draft picks are either going to confirm my feelings that owner Stephen Ross and in particular, GM Jeff Ireland are complete idiots or that they do possess the foresight and wisdom to build a contending team.

 We get the 8th overall pick this year. A lot of speculation persists on our picking Texas A&M QB Ryan Tannehill and I am of the feeling that if he is available, it probably would do us very well to take him. He has limited experience as a starting QB, I think his first start was in his sophomore year? But he has the skills to be a top flite, possibly even an elite QB and our Offensive Coordinator Mike Sherman has coached him. Additionally Coach Joe Philbin can develop him into a quality QB. I have said that we don’t need a QB and that is true but we will need one and getting a good one now while we are in position to do so is wise. So, if he is available, then take him.

 If we don’t take him then we should concentrate on our other spots we need attention. We need a quality pass rusher and I think Melvin Ingram, a Defensive End (DE) from South Carolina would fit that bill. He is aggressive and very quick on his feet. He has the moves and can get in the backfield much the same way our now retired Jason Taylor could in his prime. We also need a good WR and I am not impressed with the available choices this year but Michael Floyd out of Notre Dame would be my pick. He is fast and can shake defenders. I think he is a better pick than current top rated receiver Justin Blackmon out of Oklahoma State. I don’t see a lot of choices in defensive secondary players. Morris Claiborne, a Cornerback out of LSU,  is highly spoken of but I’m also hearing some negative press on him as well and I question his dedication. 

If these players are off the board, we should concentrate on our offensive line in the later rounds of the draft. We need to build the right line especially and Center. My picks for offensive linemen and Center are David DeCastro, Offensive Guard (OG) from Stanford and Cordy Glenn, OG from Georgia. I think either of these two would be great 1st round picks. For Center, my picks would be Peter Konz from Wisconsin. This guy is an animal and William Vlachos from Alabama. Both of these players anchor their lines and possess great strength, speed and agility. 

What we don’t need are running backs, possession or slot receivers, tight ends, offensive tackles. We definitely do not need kickers or punters. So to wrap it up this year, unless we are shopping all of our picks to grab a single top 3 overall draft pick, then I hope these players get drafted by the Dolphins staff this year. At a minimum I hope that my suggestions compare to how they actually draft this year.

Have a Blessed Day Ya’ll!

Today’s “Did Ya Know?” The draft starts tonight at 8 PM EST but it is also National “Richter Scale” Day!!! A great day to shake things up and now thanks to the Richter scale, we know how badly we shook them things up!!!!! It’s also National “Take Your Sons and Daughters to Work” Day!! Bring the kiddies to the jobsite!!! Let them file some papers, make the coffee and do some office chores!! Great idea if you got one or two kids but what if you’re the Octomom? Of course, I don’t think she has a job does she?
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