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New Comics Released this Wednesday May 10, 2017.

Please allow me to start this weeks “New Comics” post off with a couple of side bar notes on topics related to our beloved medium.

This last Saturday, May 6th, was “Free Comic Book Day” with local comic shops and retailers that participated obviously giving away comics and promoting the world of comic books. Publishers released special “FCBD” editions/reprints of stories with a price tag of a dollar. Retailers even let loose their “collection fodder” issues of old comics for $1.00. Some shops even held events not unlike a “mini-con” to help bring out the fans. It’s a yearly event and if you are a fan, if you love comics, I hope you got a chance to head out to your local comic shop and partook of the festivities!

My last sidebar note is a rant against Marvel Comics. SHAME ON YOU MARVEL!!!! SHAME! SHAME! SHAME! You hypocritical money grubbing sorry ass excuse shell of a previously great publishing house that you are! You suck buckets! You smell like the bottom of a fish bait basket that’s been sitting out in a hot August sun all day covered in flies and maggots and being shunned by even the hungry of pier loitering kitty cats!!! You ask, what draws my mild distemper this morning? Well Marvel recent fired artist Ardian Syaf for his placing of political, anti-Semantic, messages within the artwork of the recent “X-Men Gold” #1 issue. The messages made it past Marvels editors and Syaf was fired. Well, this week, they are reissuing that same magazine, sans messages, but with a brand spanking new variant cover done by none other than Mr. Ardian Syaf himself. And they are charging us $4.99 for the pleasure of owning this book. Further, the first 7 “A” or main covers for this series are Syaf covers. I find this absolutely detestable. I consider the very description of the bowels of hypocrisy. You fire the man for his transgressions, which you should have seen before their being made public, and then you issue his work in a reprinted issue as a “variant”. I know it may be a matter of production or contract but the point is you fired him. If you use his art, you should have to pay him for it and if that is the case then why fire him to begin with? You should have fired him, pulled his art and not use any of it from the point of termination. Disgusting and SHAME MARVEL!!!!

Now, on to the reason I write this morning. We have some new books out this week, new series to which I would like to draw your attention to.


Image's "Regression"

I really like Cullen Bunn. Last week ONI PRESS INC launched another chapter in his “DAMNED” series which sounded great. This week IMAGE publishes a cool sounding supernatural terror saga “REGRESSION”. The lead character suffers from ghastly, horrible visions. He undergoes hypnotic past-life therapy to help treat his affliction. Once back in a past life, he witnesses a horrible scene of complete debauchery and evil. Once wakened he is even worse and he finds that something came back with him. Bunn can weave a web of intrigue and suspense that will keep you hooked and might just scare the pants off ya!

Here are some other titles that I believe deserve “THE COMICS GROUP TITLES MENTIONED IN HONORABLE”. These picks could have been “HAWT” picks but, like a Highlander with his head attached, “There can be only one!”:

Action Lab's "Hero Cats Midnight
Over Stellar City"
I love ACTION LAB ENTERTAINMENT. Probably one of the more creative publishing houses out there! This week we get “HERO CATS: MIDNIGHT OVER STELLAR CITY”!  Midnight is a Hero Cat and in the town of Stellar City there has been a jailbreak. It’s up to Midnight to recapture the escaped criminals all by himselfs! But he has help with fellow Hero Cat Cassiopeia!

ANTARCTIC PRESS provides us with a classic story of Good vs Evil with “SILVER SOLDIERS #1”. I’m sure this one will be offensive to those non-Christian or non-believers and that makes me even more curious to read! God has chosen six people who have lost their way to be defenders of faith and fight the evil of Hell itself. Of course, God gives them some awesome powers and cool costumes to battle with! It’s the Archangels against the fallen minions of darkness!!!!!

DC brings us a real mind-bending trip in “BUG! THE ADVENTURES OF FORAGER.” It defies description! It centers on the exploits of Forager, a “bug” who escaped from the Hive, travels in various and different realities and dimensions and encounters new and different nightmarish characters in each realm. He seeks the reality changing metal that can destroy everything and he must find it before the evil General Electric. Along the way he is challenged by talking teddy bears, ghostly girls so if you read this 6 part miniseries, don’t drop acid before you do. Talk about a family affair, this production is brought to us by the Eisner Award winning Allred clan. The story is written by Lee Allred (BATMAN '66), stunning art by Michael Allred (Silver Surfer) and colors by Laura Allred (Lady Killer).

Scout Comics "Mindbender"
SCOUT COMICS releases “MINDBENDER” this week. A young boy witnesses the gruesome deaths of his parents because his mind, at that age, tapped into a mysterious and powerful unknown force. As a result he has withdrawn into himself.  16 years in this catatonic state, he is awakened and he is empowered with tremendous abilities. Others know this and have been waiting for his awakening. Will he be a force of good or evil? Find out in this thriller!!!

Here are some other titles you might like to check out!

Action Lab's "Medisin"
ACTION LAB – DANGER ZONE gives us their commentary on the healthcare issue (maybe?) with “MEDISIN”. Who takes care of the bad guys after they get their asses kicked? Huh? Ya ever think about that??? Not really whether the cause is just or not, these doctors seek to do just that. Care for the bad guys. But what happens when one goes rogue? I dunno. What’s that mean? The rogue doc now helps good guys? It’s an interesting premise and might be worthy of our attention.

DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT brings a story based in the popular RED RISING trilogy written by Peirce Brown.  Mankind is spread across the stars and divided by a color caste system. What happens when someone from the all-ruling Gold caste falls for a lowly Red caste??? Probably the same thing that happened to Romeo and Juliet but on a galactic, interplanetary scale maybe. And they probably don’t have swords because they probably use ray guns or something. Anyway, the story is “RED RISING: SONS OF ARES” and if you liked the book, you might like this one too!

IMAGE also brings us another chapter in the “RENATO JONES” saga. This one “SEASON TWO” finds the vigilante having to defend against the aggression of the bad guys he challenged in season one. I don’t know what he expected to happen but here it is, they fight back. It’s a five part miniseries that you might find fun…or not.

MARVEL brings us a series based on one it’s more quirky, and popular, characters, ROCKET. We find the feisty raccoon (don’t tell him I called him that) trying to live a life on the right side of the law. Then an old flame “swims” back into his life and insanity ensues. It will be entertaining I can assure you of that.

I’m avoiding the SECRET EMPIRE “event” like the plague but this one-shot is probably going to have to go into my INHUMANS box. “SECRET EMPIRE – SECRET WARRIORS” is a dreaded Tie-in to SECRET EMPIRE and it pits some of the “All-New” INHUMANS and Karnak against the now HYDRA aligned CAPTAIN AMERICA. Let’s hope the new kids on the block to handle the mettle of MARVELS newest super bad guy!

Marvel's "STAR WARS:
The Screaming Citadel"

MARVEL gives us a new chapter in the STAR WARS saga in “STAR WARS THE SCREAMING CITADEL – PART 1”. Its listed as a one-shot with Part one in the title. That tells us there might be more to this story coming up. Yeah, I don’t need the world’s greatest detective to figger that out do I!?!? Anyway, our favorite Jedi, Luke Skywalker teams up with Dir. Aphra. Will it help him or hurt him? Read and find out!

VALIANT ENTERTAINMENT LLC brings us another chapter in its “ETERNAL WARRIOR” story, “AWAKENING”. The warrior finds himself seriously injured in battle and awakens in a strange place inhabited by people who helped nurse him back to health. Trouble is, he has no memory of his past. No idea of what happened before he woke. But trouble looms for the people that helped him and he will repay his debt to them!

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