Sunday, May 21, 2017

New Comics for Wednesday May 24 2017

Not a lot of new titles coming out this week! Not a single new title coming out of DC, MARVEL or DARK HORSE that I think is worthy of bringing to your attention. But there are some good ones so let’s accentuate the positive eh wot?
 The COMICS GROUP HAWT PICK OF THE WEEK: Comes from a publishing company I rarely get to mention! “SAUCER STATE” comes from IDW PUBLISHING and this one sounds like a good one! She was abducted by aliens and now she’s the President of these here United States of ‘Murica!!!! She wants to find out what happened to her. But in the slimy world of Washington politics, secrets and dirty deals done dirty n cheap, can she? Find out in this sequel to and conclusion of the Hugo Award nominated “SAUCER COUNTRY” series! I just want to know if they really came here in saucers.


Rothic's "Divinica"
If you like tales set in classic times or based on the fables of ancient Greek mythology, you will love ROTHIC’s “DIVINICA”. This tale depicts the battle of Caelus and Cronus as well as the birth of the Goddess Aphrodite in a story that pays homage to those Goddesses of that time.

 These great titles are also coming out this week and most deserving of your attention! Check these out:

AFTERSHOCK COMICS brings out another wild sounding story in “THE NORMALS”. You live your life, you love your family, your friends and you experience great and good things. Then you discover none of it was real but it was real to you and you must save that world but in order to do that, you have to leave it..

Boom! Studio's "Destroyer"
BOOM! STUDIOS is releasing DESTROYER. It is a story that attempts to fuse the black lives matter movement with Frankenstein and struggles to make a point. I think it is a shameful display of a lack of creativity by its author and I think it is a disgraceful and cheap effort to garner readers through its cover depicting what appears to be a caricature of Trayvon Martin that the media used to perpetuate the myth of his being a young, innocent and sweet young boy. But, I provide commentary here and in a future blog post, only because some might actually want to read this shit.

GRAPHIC INDIA LTD and STAN LEE present “CHAKRA: MYSTERY OF MIGHTY GIRL”! I’ll be honest, the only reason I am bringing this one out is because it touts THE MAN HIMSELF as creator and writer. But his creation, Chakra the Invincible, is off to fight villainy and is joined by a new friend and ally, MIGHTY GIRL! Who is she? Why is she? Find out!!

IMAGE brings us “SAMARITAN VERITAS” Apparently a young lady has a grudge against a major U.S. Defense contractor and has sworn a vendetta against it. But how? Stealing all their research and giving it away for free might work…maybe…if you can survive the attempt to do it.
Valiant's "Rapture"
VALIANT is keeping the forges hot with “RAPTURE”. You like mystics? Knights and warrior kings doing battle to complete a sacred quest? You like peanut butter sammichs? Ok that’s not related to this book but this book has all kinds of that other stuff! It’s a Matt Kindt (Suicide Squad, Divinity) tale of conquest and determination and would be one I think worthy of your interest!!!!

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