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New Comics Releases for Wednesday 31 May 2017

Titan1 Studios "New Humanz" Cover
 THE COMICS GROUP HAWT PICK OF THE WEEK: Ready for something really bizarre??  TITAN1 STUDIOS is releasing “NEW HUMANZ” this week and it is that, entirely. A former CIA agent and her daughter are sucked through a time spanning vortex and winds up in the distant future. Not as far as 2525 where we wonder if man is still alive but to 2226! The daughter loses some body parts and winds up a cyborg in need of human replacement parts where Mom, the former CIA agent, must work in a crime syndicate to find suitable donors for those replacement body parts!! Yeah. THAT’s a bizarre sounding story!!!!!


"Joe Golem" from Dark Horse
If you like crime dramas with an occult twist, something like X-files, you are going to LOVE this spellbinder from DARK HORSE! “JOE GOLEM OCCULT DETECTIVE: OUTER DARK” takes our hero on a search for a super-powered man who is attacking citizens under the orders of some unworldly voices inside his head BUT Detective Golem has his own demons to confront and  defeat! If you liked “The Rat Catcher” then this latest from HELLBOY creator Mike Magnolia will keep you entertained!

DC's "Wonder Woman Annual" Cover

DC's “WONDER WOMAN ANNUAL” comes out with some Amazoningly awesome sounding stories! First up is a story detailing the first time Diana ever met Batman and Superman. Then we have her defending King Shark in Markovia from charges of crimes he did not commit. The last two stories take her to confront monsters, one of which makes her think about which side she wants to be on. 4 action packed stories for 5 bucks but if you are a fan of Wonder Woman, you will consider investing in this annual issue!!!!

"Paklis" from Image

IMAGE presents a new set of stories sure to keep you chilled n thrilled. “PAKLIS” is three stories of the unknown. Follow these characters on their perilous journeys! On the menu is a tale about a young man who has a hard time knowing what is real and lives in a world of human insects! The second offering is a story about a son on a journey to the center of the galaxy to discover the dark secrets of his deceased father’s experiments. The last course involves a young female pilot who goes AWOL during a war to help an amnesiac alien stop an impending disaster!

These great titles are also coming out this week and most deserving of your attention! Check these out:

MARVEL gives us a big bang with a new CABLE series!!! And I don’t mean something on TV. If you like history and you like Cable, you will enjoy this story. Cable discovers a threat in the time stream and is off to vanquish it! He travels throughout history on his quest to keep time from unraveling and reality bending to suit the needs of this adversary!

Marvels "Secret Empire: Uprising"
Also from MARVEL, another SECRET EMPIRE tie-in. “UPRISING” bridges the events of the core series issues #3 and #4 together. It features the Black Widow’s efforts at building a resistance to the goings on of the new order of things and as always in resistance, there is struggle and there is sacrifice. Will the young heroes she tasks be up to the challenge?

SPACE GOAT PUBLISHING enters into the diversity/equality arena with “HEROINES”.  A young woman with super powers announces herself to the world and sets out to show that it’s not just the guys that can save the day. Will she succeed? Will she find it’s not all fun in spandex? That remains to be seen just as it remains to be seen if anyone can get past the $5.99 price tag of this title to find out.

"Heroines" from Space Goat Publishing

TITAN COMICS gives us fantasy football in Warhammer style with “BLOOD BOWL: MORE GUTS, MORE GLORY.”  A crazy 4 part mini-series involving some humans forming a team and attempting to take the prize in this insane version of fantasy football gone gladiator!!!

TITAN COMICS also gives us another game-inspired story, this one is based on a game that is apparently yet to be released. “LITTLE NIGHTMARES” is a story about Six, a young girl being followed by the game as she travels through a realm called “The Maw” in an effort to get out. I’m not a fan of titles based on video games but if you are a fan, this one could be read-worthy.

Enjoy any and all comics you pick up this week!!!

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