Sunday, May 14, 2017

New Comics for Wednesday 17 May 2017…

The COMICS GROUP HAWT PICK OF THE WEEK: comes from Dynamite Entertainment with “SOVEREIGNS”.  Remember the old Gold Key comics and those heroes of old? Guys like Turok the Son of Stone, Magnus the Robot Fighter, Solar (was it Doctor Solar?) and Doctor Spektor were all the rage during the heyday of Gold Key Comics!  Now they are together in the year 2025. Turok is missing and Magnus is worried about that! And from that the journey is launched! It’s a new story with old heroes and it’s bound to please!
Dynamite Entertainments "Sovreigns" cover
Sadly, this week I do not see any new titles that would warrant listing under our “THE COMICS GROUP TITLES MENTIONED IN HONORABLE TERMS”! title!!! BUT…..

 These great titles are also coming out this week and most deserving of your attention! Check these out:
Image's "Grrl Scouts" Cover
Image is coming out with a couple of good ones this week! “GRRL SCOUTS: MAGIC SOCKS”! See I thought this was going to be about Girl Scouts! I love Girl Scout cookies and sometimes during dress-up we…..ah never mind that. But anyway, no Girl Scouts or their cookies. This is another chapter in a story I know nothing about! These girls apparently go on some kind of psychedelic adventure on the streets of some place called Freak City. Sounds like a freak show all right but it might be fun.

Image is also bringing us a 25 year anniversary release of SPAWN #1!!! You get the original art and storyboard of the first issue, page commentary by Todd MacFarlane the creator, writer and artist and some “vintage surprises” from the early days of Spawn. For 44.99 I think you get your monies worth!

Image's "Wicked  Divine" Cover
And yet another good one from Image “THE WICKED AND DIVINE: 455 AD” is a true stand-alone one-shot meaning it won’t be a part of any past or future volumes of this exciting tale. In this one, Lucifer apparently refuses to fiddle whilst the Roman Empire burns! It’s a story described as a vandalization of history in this twisted tale of the Sack of Rome! As always, WICKED AND DIVINE comes with staggeringly great art from series and Avengers AI great Andre Araujo!

Marvel has some good titles out this week! First up “GENERATION X”. Join the mutants as Professor Xavier’s School reopens for new students and who else but Jubilee is there to help monitor the new budding mutants as they adapt and survive in a world that bears them no grace! I’m liking this one for its cover art by Terry Dodson who has done some great work for X-Men and INHUMAN alike!
Marvel's "Generation X" Cover

Marvel’s “LUKE CAGE” comes out with a new series this week! Some of my best friends have enjoyed Luke Cage over the years and this series promises to entertain you as it reacquaints you with perhaps one of Marvels most under-valued heroes. This story take Luke to New Orleans and as always, trouble finds him but he freakin deals with it!!!

Here’s the link to this week’s New Releases list!

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