Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hypocrisy, It’s Whats For Lunch!

7 March 2012

God I hope not. I have had my fill of it lately. But on reflection, hypocrisy seems to rule the day.  It is readily visible in the news of any day and on closer inspection of your daily contacts and activities. probably there as well. I see it in me sometimes and that tends to piss me off.  It seems I see it everywhere these days and most certainly, I see it more these days than I ever have before.

You see it in our politics. Our society is polarized mostly in two separate camps. You are either Conservative or you are Liberal. If you are anything else than that, then you are insane and a detriment to the good order of society. It doesn’t matter what the issue is, if you are in either camp you must take an exactly opposite view. You must label those counter to your beliefs as anything negative and by God, if you can’t find anything to disagree on then invent it! Well, I don’t know if that’s hypocrisy but it most certainly is crap. Our politicians wage their war against each other and, like sheep, we mutely follow their lead on whatever seems to be the issue of the day. Our politicians are so firm in their stance and stoic in the surety of their absolute righteousness that the thought of compromise and coming to a rational conclusion is foreign and obscene. And that surety flows from them to us, the voting public who, despite knowing and wanting better, largely accepts their crap silently in the form of status quo election results of those whose electoral machine operates the most efficiently. That’s right America! Vote Romney! He will cure your Obama Blues! Please note the measured sarcasm in the previous three sentences. When was the last time ANY elected U.S. Congressperson ever held regional or area meetings, surveyed or petitioned you and/or your community for input as to what your desires or priorities were? Have they ever asked you what you wanted from them? Have you ever told them? Have you ever told any elected official what you wanted them to do?

I change my mind, this is hypocrisy. It is hypocrisy that the politicians act this way and say they represent us. If that is so, shouldn’t we demand better of our politicians and the job they say they do for us? I also think that it is hypocrisy that we allow our politicians to do the crappy jobs they’ve been doing lately. But we tolerate them and come election time, we allow them to corral our choices of whose to be in power and who is not down to two many times bad choices instead of “We, The People” telling them who we choose as a free people. Yesterday was “Super Tuesday” for the Republicans and all I can say is “God help this country.”

But it is not up to God to help this country is it? That’s something only we can do. I hope the day comes that people can learn to talk about problems that face us without the emotion and rhetoric that tends to plague us these days. I firmly believe that if we remove all the bull, take away all the sensationalism and melodrama, there is nothing we cannot do. I always say “There isn’t a deal that cannot be made” and I believe that! I am probably being naive but at least I can hope for something better and I am ready to talk.

Have a Blessed Day!

Today’s “Did Ya Know” Its National Cereal Day!!!! GAWD I love cereal!!!! I eat a lot of Honey Nut Cheerios for the obvious health reasons ( I do love the taste!) but on the rare occasion I will invest good money into a box of Captain Crunch with CrunchBerries or Peanut Butter Crunch! I love Cocoa Peebles and Sugar Smacks too! What’s your favorite? I remember as a kid I would get this small box of muesli called “Alpen”.  It was a product of Denmark and they don’t make that anymore. It totally rocked and it was good for you. I used to love getting prizes in cereal and sometimes that was the determining factor as to what cereal was purchased!!! I guess you can tell I get excited about cereal!!! Break out a bowl!!!!!

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