Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I Should Start Hooking

21 March 2012

It is National Craft Month!!!! Last week was National Crochet Week! That should make my wife happy as she is a dedicated crotchetier. She has been doing crochet since she was very young and it gives her great joy. I have to say that she is quite good at it! She makes everything from pot holders to wash rags, blankets and just about anything you can imagine out of her yarn. I especially like the work she does on doilies. The little thread thingy’s that you see below candy dishes or flower vases. Our house is adorned in many examples of her work and I like having her doily’s out on display.

Over the years my wife has amassed an impressive collection of yarn. Right now the majority of it is being stored in about 42 Rubbermaid storage containers. She has rolls of fabric, skeins of yarn and spools of thread. I love seeing her working on her projects. Right now she has at least 10 “bags” that she calls “project bags” containing separate projects that she is working on. She keeps her unfinished work in these bags so that if we go somewhere she can grab one of those bags and work on it while we are out. I love seeing her work and I miss seeing her in her yarn room working on stuff. Right now, most of our belongings are in storage back in Kentucky. I know she misses it too.

She’s is always wanting me to learn how to crochet and I am tempted but it’s just not going to happen. I think that is and should remain strictly her domain. She says it would be good for me as it is calming and is a great way to occupy time. I don’t doubt it. I could see me quilting. I love quilts and would love to make one. I think that would be fun. But I don’t want that getting around that I am hanging out making quilts. People might talk!!!

No, I think I will let her do all the crocheting and yarn work. I am content watching her do that and I love for her to continue to grow her yarn collection!! I’ll be happy to get the benefit of her work! She once made me a huge blanket in Miami Dolphin colors. She used a technique that made it a very heavy and thick blanket and when you cover yourself in it, you are going to sweat!! She’s made “booties” for me and some of her doily work I claim as “mine”!

So this month we reflect on and celebrate crafting. I will celebrate this observance by enjoying the work that my wife does, as I always do, and snuggle up under a warm blanket and watch her go at it, making a very nice blanket for a newly born grandnephew of ours!!

Have a Blessed Day Ya’ll!!

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