Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Religion of Peace

29 March 2012

This past weekend I received an email containing a YouTube video of Libyans protesting the burning of Koran by desecrating World War II graves of fallen Allied troops. They even felled a cross at the head of the gravesite. Of course, I am upset about this. It is upsetting to see their graves and markers destroyed for any reason. When I first viewed the video clip, I was outraged. My mind filled with feelings of revulsion and the strong desire to extract vengeance for the defenseless fallen heroes and their families. I entertained visions of our sending a Company of Marines backed by an Air Wing and a squadron of bomb laden B-52’s to do repairs on the cemetery after laying waste to any and all living within Libyan borders.

It wouldn’t take much for us to subdue any military force in the Arab-Muslim world. We have already demonstrated what a concentrated military offensive conducted by our forces can do. Despite its appeal, I know that military action is not the answer here.  We are heavily involved in the Arab-Muslim world but I think we need to re-evaluate that. Do we really need to be so involved in the region? Is it really worth it to us as a nation to be involved in the Arab-Muslim world? We spend heavily to build infrastructure, opportunity and growth in their countries. At a cost of taxpayer money and most importantly American lives and we don’t even get understanding in returning. 

Western society has gone to great measures to ingratiate and welcome the Muslim world. America was founded on the principal of religious freedom for all. We have done so especially with the Muslim religion to the point that we take God out of the classroom and public halls so as not to offend anyone. A move that I feel violates my rights. We welcome them into our communities with open arms and provide them all the freedoms as we do all Americans. We build their mosques here and in their home countries and they use those same mosque’s to preach how we are the infidels and we are the evil ones and how we are the haters and how we should be annihilated if we not bend to their will and their religion. How many plots are hatched in the safe confines of their mosques? How many terrorists are given refuge? Western society, America, has done and does so today, so very much to bridge gaps between us and Islam and for what? We confine those engaged in hostile activities against our forces, they use their Koran to pass messages and plan resistance. We confiscate the books they hide behind and destroy those books, so now we are the poisonous ones.  The Christian Bible has been burned many times by those opposing it and it still lives today. The Koran will survive. The teachings of Muhammad will endure unscathed, of this I have faith. Pity some Muslims do not share my faith in the strength of their own religion.

Frankly I am tired of their crap. If they want to fight us then ok, let’s fight! Let’s wage war. But let us dictate the course, nature and speed of this war. Come out from your mosques, from behind the backs of your women and children. If neither side has the desire to do that, then I say let’s leave them. It’s what they want. It is also the first thing we should do if we truly want to make inroads with the Arab-Muslim world. They wish to be left alone. No doubt, they will use their oil as a weapon against us at the first opportunity but let’s leave them anyway. We don’t need their oil and without that bargaining chip, what is the value of their lands? Beyond oil what strategic value do they really have that we need to waste precious American lives for?  

Is there a better way, a higher lesson here? I’m not really sure. I am just so very tired of hearing their hypocritical crap and I am tired of our people losing their lives for the cause. Despite my rantings here I am not fearful of Islam and I respect the Muslim faith. I would like to study it further and learn more about it as I would the Jewish faith as well. I am no xenophobe. I am proud that I live in a country where we welcome our Muslim brothers and sisters and give them every opportunity to practice their faith. As a Christian man, I accept all as friends until they prove otherwise and I forgive them even then.  As I have said before, I never refuse a friend. I know that as a country, we will continue our efforts to appease and to peacefully coexist with the Nation of Islam. Still, I am saddened because in the end, I think the only place we will meet with our differences settled is with them lying on their backs, our gun barrels to their chest, on the dusty plains of Megiddo. This despite our best efforts to avoid it and their best efforts to bring it about.

Have a Blessed Day Ya’ll!

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