Monday, March 19, 2012

Why I Don’t Like Barrack Obama

19 March 2012

I get a lot of flak about my obvious disdain for our President. I’ve been called a hater, a bigot, a right-wing nut to name a few choice labels. I don’t pay too much attention to those names and I always marvel at how people are quick to label and categorize a person or event they don’t understand. “He does not like Barrack Obama therefore he is a racist.” I attribute that thought process to someone not so much being stupid but rather someone being uninformed. And that’s my fault. I should let people know exactly why I do not like our President, Barrack Obama.

The number one reason is I don’t think he is an honest person. When I watched him campaigning for President in 2007, there was something about the way he looked and spoke that made me feel he was being disingenuous. The erratic blinking of the eyes, the wetting of the tongue, the shifting of the eyes and the inflection of certain words in his speech indicated classic signs of someone not being “straight up” to me. I still see those characteristics today in him. His history of policy reversals and changes of minds, broken campaign promises, seems to back up what I say.

The infamous discussion on his raising of the debt limit has an effect on my feelings for our President. How can he justify standing up before Congress in 2006 against any attempts to raise the debt limit, citing the same reasons Republicans do today, and raise that debt limit while in the same breath blame former President Bush for doing the same thing? It just sounds like selling snake oil to me. He justified that once by saying “It’s different when you are the President.” I’ll remember that the next time we get pulled over for speeding “Officer, its different when you’re actually driving the car but I damn sure wish you’d do something about those other guys driving faster than I was!”

I think the number one reason I feel the way I do about our President is his partisan cronyism as demonstrated by the way he killed a planned lithium battery factory that was to be built near my hometown in Glendale, Kentucky. Kentucky is the third largest producer of automobiles in our country and President Obama has pledged serious progress in “green” energy. But two things got in the way of that for Kentucky. Kentucky voted Republican in the last presidential elections and Barrack Obama won that election. So, he scraped those plans and moved everything to Michigan which is great for Michigan but scuttled years of planning and Kentucky tax payer’s money on a project now resting in Michigan, which voted heavily for and was won by Barrack Obama. The plant in Glendale Kentucky would have ushered forth economic recovery for an area reeling from the bad economy and the closing of several major plants and factories. So that’s kind of close to home and it leaves a scar.

I have made my feelings about him known and I don’t shy away from it. It’s not a personal attack on his character and I do the best to not make it seem so. I state the facts that I see and I state my opinion of them. I don’t go out of my way to “bash” him and I take any opportunity I see to voice my approval of the good things he has done. I just don’t see much and the bad far outweighs the good but if you review my previous statements I have made on social media, you would see that I speak the truth. It’s just my opinion that I do not think he is a good President and I do not think that he represents the best interests of this country. That’s not personal. I’m not attacking anyone. I am not advocating hate or racism. I’m just saying that we could do better and I base that largely on what I listed in the previous paragraphs. That’s all. If you take it as “bashing” or a personal attack or affront, if it affects your ability to be friends with me, that is your problem.

So you can be swayed by all the nice talk about hope and change and why this country is in the bad shape it is in. I too have hope for this country and I firmly believe that we need change. But ask yourself the same question President Ronald Reagan asked when he was running for President. “Are you better off now than you were 4 years ago?” Use that as a guide on your choice in what hype you want to believe. Then ask yourself, “Is our country in better shape now than it was 4 years ago?” Remove all the emotion, remove all the hype and take an honest look at those two questions without giving credit or laying blame. Avoid the pitfalls of sensationalism, of political grandstanding, fancy words and people calling others names. Think about you, your family your neighbors, and try to feel it. Are things better in your opinion? If you look at everything honestly and clearly, without listening to others and their opinions, including mine, you will have met a benchmark for making a good decision come election time and it won’t matter one iota what anyone thinks about Barrack Obama. In the end it only matters what you think.

Have a Blessed Day Ya’ll!

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