Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Time For Pi!!!!

14 March 2012

Today I am moving the “Did Ya Know?” section up to the man body of my blog to discuss an all-important observance, at least to me. Today is national Pi Day!!!! Today, in conjunction with the birthday of Albert Einstein, we celebrate the ratio of circumference in a circle to its diameter. Any circle, you pick it and the formula for pi is the same. Pi = 3.1415926535… and so on and on. Sounds easy enough right? But today is a great day for all math people to celebrate Pi while the rest of us scratch our heads and wonder “WTH?”

For me Pi day is something much deeper. It is reflective of simpler things and the goodness that one can only find in a well-crafted…Pie. I LUV me some pie Baby!!!! Today is also being celebrated as Pie Day and to me, its dang near like Christmas. What’s your favorite kind of pie? Just about whatever kind of pie you put in front of me is my favorite kind!!! I love fruit pies in the summer, especially peach or blackberry. Thanksgiving and the holiday season absolutely has to have ample amounts of Pumpkin Pie! A cold winters night calls for my favorite Chicken Pot Pie! Savory pies count too ya know!!!

Is there bad pie? Oh yeah. Any old pie that has to be shaved would be considered bad pie in my book. I think Steak and Kidney pie has to rank as the absolute worst pie I have ever sampled in my time. What the heck is Chess pie? I always thought it sounded bad and never had it but it actually could be good!!! How about a mince meat pie? I always thought the “Mince Pie” was another curious British invention but as it turns out, it originates from the Middle East and is primarily a Christmas treat.

No matter what, today has a bounty of reasons to celebrate. How are we celebrating today? We are having our son over for lunch and making our all-time absolute favorite pie…pizza pie for lunch!!!! Specifically, home-made pepperoni and Italian sausage pizza with fresh parmesan cheese and extra sauce! Then afterwards I am going to raise a glass in honor of Albert Einstein and get into his theory of relativity. Maybe he can explain my cousins. Get it? That was a funny!!! Happy Birthday Al!

Have a Blessed Day Ya’ll!

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