Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hero Check!!!!

19 April 2012

Our society has always been enamored with celebrities. Movie stars and sports figures have always been held in the highest esteem. Politicians sometimes captivated us but few in a real lasting way. We focus a lot of our attention on celebrities and we devote a lot of time reading about them. We shower them with attention and money when we listen to their music, watch their movies, follow their movements. We are quick to praise them and quicker still to pummel them when they falter as they often times do, in their human ways. When a celebrity passes away we are quick to label them as “pioneers”, “trend setters” “heroes.”

When I was growing up I had heroes. I looked up to people like my Grandfather, Vernon Devine, a man that worked very hard for hearth and home. I also looked onto Martin Luther King Jr, Robert Kennedy and George Washington. All very brave men who stood their ground and changed the world around them. Their impact is definite, to this day. I looked onto Muhammad Ali and Miami Dolphin Running Back Larry Csonka, Cincinnati Reds Pete Rose and Johnny Bench for their strength and for their ability to win. Later in life I looked onto Ronald Reagan for his wisdom and inner strength. He galvanized our country and made us whole once again. I also looked onto Jesus Christ because surely, there is no greater example of the good qualities all, men and women, should aspire to. I still look onto all these men as my heroes. These men have served and still serve as my role models and my inspiration.

I feel sorry for today’s young and today’s society. We worship celebrity and treat them with the highest reverence. It’s a viral, multi-media world today and celebrity activity is tracked, discussed and analyzed as near to the minute it happens as humanly possible. Often times, instead of acting responsible we hear “I am not a role model.” You betcha, you are not. Celebrities and politicians today do not realize or maybe just do not accept that they are role models and that the impressionable among us, our children, look up to them and do as they do. Many times children of today do not have the focus and guidance of their parents and so base a lot of their actions, thoughts, opinions and decisions based on what they perceive their role models would be.

But where are the heroes today? They’re here. We even hear about them from time to time. Our heroes today are those that look over us and watch us, protect us from harm and come to our aid when we need them, they teach us every day, things about the past and they prepare us for the future. They do not wear brightly colored tights, masks and capes. They are our firemen, soldiers, policemen and teachers. They are our community leaders and if you are lucky, your parents and grandparents. I believe that we have heroes touch us every day. We just have to learn to look for them in plain sight instead of plain type and video newsflashes. We need to learn their lessons and follow their example.

Have a Blessed Day Ya’ll!!!

Today’s “Did Ya Know?” Its “National Garlic Day!” I love garlic! I eat it in just about everything and I even take it as a heart healthy supplement! No matter how you prepare it, it is good and good for you. Today I celebrate garlic day with a batch of homemade spaghetti and garlic bread. Eat well and live well!!!

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