Monday, April 23, 2012

Simple Things

23 April 2012

I love the simple things in life. It doesn’t take much to make me happy. I can always find something that makes me feel good, brings a smile on my face or brings me peace.

I love a good morning. I like to wake up before the sun rises. I love starting off a day and watching the sky transform from darkest night to light of day. I love it better when it’s warm outside. Then I can open the patio door and feel the coolness of the morning and hear the quite of night. I love hearing the birds wake up and start their day. It always starts with a few birds chirping a little here and there and before long they are in a full blown symphony of sound and music. I love the morning dew of spring. It’s always cool, always life giving and I appreciate the feeling of it on my toes and feet. I love the colors of the sky as they change with the rising sun. I love how the temperature goes down a little when the sun rises and then starts its work warming the earth. I get this vision of God coming back and forth from his living room to where the thermostat is. I imagine God has his thermostat in the hall.

I love a cloudy morning too or a foggy morning. Doesn’t matter, Its morning. Peaceful mornings are always good. I love the smell of a good fog and how it seems to coat everything in quiet and coolness. I love how it can play tricks on your eyes. A cloudy morning is a good morning too. Especially if there’s a little rain or drizzle. You have to look for the good things in a cloudy morning. The first thing I think of is thankfulness. I thank God for the rain as it gives life to our flowers and vegetables if I am growing a garden. I am thankful for how that rain gives life and benefit to all of us living on this planet regardless of where we are in the food chain. I love the sound of a light rain in the morning. Even a little thunder rumble now and again. It tends to mellow me out.

I love the smell of mornings and how when I take a deep breath, it fills my body and my mind with a sense of wakefulness and rejuvenation. The one thing I love about my mornings is the ritual of making the coffee. I grind my beans almost every morning and brew the coffee fresh with filtered water. The smell of the brewing coffee satisfies me greatly. The rich aromas help to waken the slumber from my head and helps to bring my taste buds alive once again. While the coffee brews, the door is opened, the birds start their concert and the atmosphere nudges my being into consciousness. I begin every morning with music. Sometimes I’m feeling a bit rowdy and crank out the rock-n-roll, some mornings its bluegrass or country, sometimes I play the Native American or “World” music I enjoy. Sometimes, I forget to put the music on and just listen to the quiet serenity of the morning. There is nothing sweeter than the sound of peace and morning calm.

Have A Blessed Monday Ya’ll!
Today’s “Did Ya Know?” Today is National Picnic Day!!!! Time to load up the old pic-a-nic basket with some goodies and go commune with Momma Nature!!! Bring someone special and enjoy the beautiful weather of springtime. Hopefully it’s nice where you are living at today. Picnics are always good fun and romantic too. Bring a little wine and some good lunchtime fare, maybe tune some music into your smartphone or simply enjoy the sounds of nature and the one you are with!  But the weather is warming and after a long winter, it’s time to get back outside and enjoy it!!!

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