Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Why I Don’t Like Mitt Romney

24 April 2012

A while back I posted my reasons for why I disliked our president, Barrack Obama. I think it’s only fair that I post my reasons for my dislike of Mitt Romney. He will be the Republican candidate for the Presidential election so I need to offer my displeasure in the interest of fairness to all candidates. Because seriously, I don’t like none of ‘em!!!! Not a dang one!!!

First of all, I don’t know jack about Mitt Romney. I have absolutely no idea who he is other than being a former Governor of Massachusetts. Usually when someone runs for president, you have some idea of who the candidate is and you get some idea of what they stand for. Not so with Mr. Romney. It just seems like he showed up on the scene says “Hey I’m handsome and I want to be president”. He is too picturesque for me. He looks too slick, too well-kept. Not a hair out of place, too manicured. When I see video of him, I don’t hear him speaking. I have never heard him talk. I hear the commentators talking about what he’s saying. Looking at him on video or news reports, it’s like I am looking at a hologram. I see him there but he doesn’t seem real to me. I do not trust what does not seem real.

Holding an exclusive $50,000 dollar a plate fund raising dinner behind closed doors with no press allowed totally rubs me the wrong way. Why not make it an open affair? Why not allow the press to report on the attendees and get an idea of what’s being discussed, what promises are being made to the upper crust of our society. What influence is being peddled there? Which brings another point to me. This country does not need another rich man for its president and Mitt Romney is a rich man. He makes no bones about it either, not that there is a need to. I’m all for the idea of being rich, But just as I do not believe that the socialist agenda of wealth sharing is what this country needs, I also do not believe that having the country run by the rich upper class for the upper class is the answer either.  We are not all about the money. We are not Japan.

I have been disenchanted with the Republican Party for a long time now. I don’t think they are in touch with the spirit of this country anymore. I am for a strong small federal government and I like a strong defense but that’s about as far as I go with the Republican agenda. I hear a lot about Republican shrinking of government and I agree this is the way to go but what they offer up in the form of budgets or government reform pales to what is really needed. Republican budgets still operate in deficit mode and that is not going to do anything but expand our debt. 

For me the key issues are energy, environment, education, fiscal and governmental reforms, drugs and lastly though definitely not leastly, immigration. I want to see more efforts to provide new and alternative energy sources and technologies without drilling in the Alaskan National Wildlife Reserve (ANWR). I want to see our government forge new technologies through education and research and development here in this country, not China. I want us to follow the model set by the Brazilians who are largely off of foreign oil themselves. I want to see the implementation of a new flat tax system with no refunds for anyone. I want to see Social Security, government reformed so as to reduce costs and therefore spending. I want to see marijuana legalized and seriously studied as a medicinal resource. I want to see our borders secured and immigration reformed to allow people to come to our country, work if they want to and be free to return to their families. From what I see Mitt Romney isn’t about any of that. President Obama said he was but has so far proved otherwise and I do not want to give him another chance.

So as I see it, a vote for Mitt Romney is a vote for special interests, a vote for the rich and a promise of more of the same we pretty much have now. I see voting for Romney and Obama as not much difference. Our country is in dire need of change, real change. We need somebody to get in there and shake things up and I don’t see that person in Mitt Romney at all.

Have a Blessed Day Ya’ll!

Today’s “Did Ya Know?” Today is National “Teach Your Kids How to Save” Day!!! I really like this idea and wish that I had parents that instilled that in me when I was young. Saving money is hard and if you can make it a habit when they’re young, it’s much more likely to stick with them throughout their lives! Saving is just a great way to teach them about money and how to handle it wisely. It’s also National “Pig in a Blanket” Day!! Ya like bite sized hot dogs wrapped in a biscuit? Then today is for you! Here’s a great idea, whip up a batch of pigs in a blanket and sit down with the young’uns and teach them about money and saving a buck or two!!! Sounds like a recipe for a day well spent!

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