Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Time For a Break?

18 April 2012

Not much going on lately. My wife had broken her right wrist over the weekend when we had gone skating so looking after her has occupied a lot of my time. When things like this happen it presents a good opportunity to kind of gain a perspective on things. For me, it highlights how much I care for her and how much I love her. I feel bad when she is not feeling good and unable to do the things she wants to do. It underscores her importance to me and it reminds me how much she does for me. It also tells me how much I appreciate the things she does for me and gives cause for me to show her my appreciation.

For her, it gives her an opportunity to see how important she is to me. It also shows her how ready I am to take good care of her for a change! That I am very capable of doing everything needed to look after her. Her injury has left her right arm in a cast and pretty much knocks a lot of her activity out or otherwise makes it really hard to do. Like crocheting. This injury is a major hindrance for her right now! But her determination and her persistence will enable her to adapt and conquer the road block of a cast over her arm and hand. After two days she managed to get in some work on a project and I’m sure that makes her feel much better. Yesterday we did the laundry. We almost always do it together anyway and this time she realized the limitations an injury such as this presents and by the time this is all over, she’ll be much the wiser and maybe more careful. Well, maybe not. She’s already planning on another skating trip when she’s done healing. That’s my Baby!
Have a Blessed Day Ya’ll!

Todays “Did Ya Know?” It’s National “Wear Your Pajamas to Work” Day!!!! Better make sure you have a very cool boss before you participate in today’s observance!!!! I would love this holiday if I was still working. Which jammies would I wear?? I think I’d have to go with Superman jammies and I’d have to bring my pillow too or rather my “piller” as I call it. What kind of jammies would you wear to work? What would you do if you worked at Victoria Secrets?? I think I’d like some of those “feety” jammies, you know the one-piece ones. Whatever you do, if your boss is cool with it, make sure he doesn’t sleep in the buff!!!

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