Friday, February 17, 2012

Be Kind

17 February 2012

I’m going to switch up gears today and talk about the observance of the day. Today is National “Random Acts of Kindness” Day and I can’t think of a better idea for having a “National Day of whatever” observance.

The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation was formed in 1995 as an ”internationally recognized non-profit organization founded upon the powerful belief in kindness and dedicated to providing resources and tools that encourage acts of kindness.” The foundation is an entity that has been gathering world-wide popularity since then. You can find out about them on their website and through their Facebook page via the links posted below.

You can get ideas for doing good deeds on their website. You can also post your ideas and your acts of kindness. There’s some blogs there from other people. They have ideas covering all manner of areas where you can perform the simple act of being kind. Here are the top 5 ideas that pop into my head that are simple and effective:

1.  Opening the door for someone with a smile on your face and a “here ya go” in your voice. There are not too many people that would let that simple act go without a smile in return and a “Thank you”.

2.  Telling a friend how much your friendship with them means to you. It’s simple and takes only a few seconds to say “You know,  I really like having you as my friend”.

3.  Saying “hello” to someone you pass by when you’re out and about and for extra good measure throw in a “I hope you have a great day”.

4.  Just out of the blue, tell a loved one that you love them. Nothing makes a person feel good than hearing they are loved.

5. If you are like countless others and use social media like Facebook, “like” someone’s post if it appeals to you and even through in a nice complimentary remark such as “@Joe, that made my day!”

If you can’t think of ways to show kindness to others the Foundations website has many ideas for you and they range from simple and easy to somewhat involved. Things like making cookies and giving them to someone or showing kindness to animals and the environment. It’s an honorable observance on this day and one that is definitely worth checking out and taking part in.

As for me, I will most certainly do so! Nothing makes a person feel better than actually doing an act of kindness for a stranger, friend and/or loved one. It’s great for the heart which as you know if you have read any of my past blogs, is a big subject for me. So I encourage everyone to celebrate and observe this day! We have enough hate and badness in this world that we would all benefit from a growing movement that promotes acts of kindness!

Have a Blessed Day and an even more Blessed Weekend!!

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