Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Heart Aches for my Cardiologist

21 February 2012

Part of having the heart condition that I have is knowing that eventually, I’m going to experience problems at some time. One of those times is now. Over the last week or so, I have noticed some symptoms that I feel are definite warning signs that I may be in trouble. One of the many reasons I began writing this blog was for times like these. When I experience these health related issues, I can pass this information out to whoever may benefit from it. So here we go!

I noticed some tingling in my arms. No pains or cramps just tingling. Much like when your arms or hands go to” sleep” and you get that tingly sensation. It hasn’t been constant but definitely more frequent than normal. At times, I find the tips of my fingers and thumbs are numb. This is temporary and at most has lasted maybe 20 minutes per occurrence.

My sleep pattern has changed somewhat. I’m having more trouble going to sleep at night. I normally go to bed around 1030-1100PM CST. Typically I will wake up at around 0530-0600AM feeling rested and ready to start the day. Recently I have been waking up at about 0400 AM and feeling like I hadn’t really slept well at all. I find myself feeling tired most of the day.

My chest was tight and I experienced some chest pains. This has been continuing off and on throughout the week. Nothing too major. No sharp or stabbing kind of pains more like a dull achiness and the feeling of pressure in the lungs/chest area. I would also have the feeling of my heart racing or palpitating. I would get a feeling of being winded and sometimes this would happen while sitting. 

I started having what I call flashing headaches. Small little headaches not really in one particular area, nothing severe but they would randomly occur in various parts of my head. Usually more frequent in the front/forehead area, on top and back at the base of the skull area. Reminiscent of a tension type headache. And finally I have been getting small little pains in my neck. Again, small, nothing sharp, more like a dull achiness and a warmish kind of feeling. Mainly on the right side of my neck. This has been fairly consistent the last few days.

A lot of what I experience could be from stress and anxiety. While I don’t really feel like I am losing my mind or anything, I guess my stress and anxiety are manifesting themselves physically. In December of 2011 I went to the hospital for chest pains and for stress/anxiety. I had been taking Clonazepam for the stress and recently I had been taking myself off these pills. So it could be related to that or to the stress itself.

That reasoning may apply for the sleep and maybe the headache and chest pain issues. But when I started having the winded feeling and the pains in my neck, I knew that it was time to be seen. So yesterday morning I called my cardiologist and, after describing the symptoms to him (through his staff), the appointment I had previously scheduled for 2 April of this year was rescheduled for today, 21 February at 0315PM CST. So wish me luck!!!

Have a Blessed Day Ya’ll!

Today’s “Did Ya Know?” It’s Mardi Gras!!!! Part of the reason I’m in the shape I’m in is because I let the good times roll a little too much!!! But that’s ok because it is Fat Tuesday! Time to party and go ya some beads!!!! If that’s not to your liking it is National Sticky Buns Day!!! German settlers brought sticky buns to this country and it’s been a love affair ever since! So if you like buns instead of beads go out and get your hands all up in some hot sticky buns!!!!!

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  1. its always better safe then sorry, glad we are going in. since your numbers are good I am praying its just stress and not nothing serious. love you Terry Devine aka sunnywolfgar