Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day

29 February 2012

It’s Leap Day! We get an extra day today! If I was born on February 29, I would have been born in 1960 (I was born in 1959) and I would be celebrating my 13th birthday!!!!! That means I joined the Air Force in 1978 when I was 4!!! I wonder if my Drill Instructor needed to potty train me?

Now you know me, this is where I slap a little history on ya! Leap year was invented by liberal Democrats, led by President Barrack Obama, as a means to evenly distribute the time amongst all the days of the solar year! It also fulfills his campaign promise that voting for Obama will add days to your lifespan!!! OK, maybe I am embellishing the facts a little. Leap year was invented by Julius Caesar and originally it was part of the Julian calendar. Despite having the power to invent a year, he messed up.  Everyone should know that the earth travels around the sun in 365.24 days. That is its orbit, however it is a little over a full year and, as we are now using the Gregorian calendar, our calendars would be off by 24 days every 100 years if we did NOT have leap years. So to balance it out, February was chosen to be given an extra day every four years to balance out the time loss. It’s actually a lot more long math and science than I care to think about.
Now here is a question. If the Mayan calendar, which is not set to the actual Gregorian calendar, is correct and time runs out for us sometime in what June or July?, if we apply the leap year principle of the Gregorian calendar to the Mayan calendar, have we already run out of time or do we have a lot more time???

Are you planning anything special for Leap Day? It is an Irish tradition that any man that receives a marriage proposal on this day must accept that proposal!!! I’ve no idea what happens if it is not accepted but given the fact that you’d be getting married, what’s the worst thing that could possibly happen? (Just kidding sweetheart!) I have no real plans for anything today.  However, I hope everyone takes a little time to celebrate an extra day, look at things with positivity and be thankful of all the good things and people in your life. And for you ladies out there with an Irishman in your life, go out and make it real special!!!!

Have a Blessed day Ya’ll!

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